Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring? What spring?

So, today Harriet, Lindsey and I were walking down the hallway, and we were talking about how chilly it is, to say it's the 3rd day of spring. I don't know why, but all of a sudden it feels more like early February than late March.
We were also talking about the upcoming spring dance, and Lindsey raised the possibility of Natalie Spencer winning Lady of the Fling.
"Come on," I said, "it's not possible. They only give it to an eighth grader every year. I bet Amanda Cooke is gonna win."
"There is a first time for everything," Harriet reminded me. "And you have to admit, Natalie is getting a lot of looks for that."
"Well I don't care who wins it," Lindsey said, "as long as it's not Meredith Hopkins!"
"Amen!" Harriet and I said in unison.
"Haley, what about you?" asked Lindsey. "I think you have a decent shot! I mean, you're class president, you're on the paper --"
"Girls like me don't win stuff like that," I told her, "besides, it's nothing but a big popularity contest."
"I know," agreed Harriet, "but it's certainly worth a shot."


Wendy said...

Why couldn't you be Lady of the Fling? I mean, you deserve it more than anyone!

The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

You could easily be Lady of the Fling .. specially if everyone who really deep down inside does not like Meradith .. which I bet is almost everyone. LOL!!

Have fun,
Ta Ta,

Cali Hazelwood said...

You should definitely try to be Lady of the Fling! I think you'd be perfect and a MUCH better Lady of the Fling than Meredith could ever be. :)


Sabine Bouchard said...

You would make a great Lady of the should try out! Meredith does not deserve that spot!

Avery V. said...

Ooh, a bit of a 'cliff hanger', so to speak. I think you could be Lady of the Fling. Meredith definitely doesn't deserve it! She needs some competition ;)

Michaela said...

You should definitely be Lady of the Fling, Haley! You deserve the title a gazillion times more than Meredith!

Sophie Amélie said...

Oh you should try, Haley. That can't hurt anything, although goodness knows you have a lot on your plate already! But, still, you should try and enter. Just for the heck of it!


all4dolls said...

It would be great if you were Lady of the Fling! You'd be perfect and deserve it, too! I'm rooting for you!