Thursday, March 25, 2010

On the Offensive

Still over the moon over the win @ Kelsyee Bolton's site, where I've learned I'm going to get a royal-purple crushed velvet blouse for my prize (I've seen it, it's very cute, and I can't wait to wear it to show Meredith HAHA) I learned I sorta misspoke regarding the selection process for Spring Fling Queen.
Apparently Meredith DID have it right (ugh as much as it pains me to admit) and you DO campaign for it -- sort of. You're actually nominated and there's a big ballot and this week they narrowed the competition for Lord and Lady of the Fling down to 5 nominees each. The winner is announced at the dance.
So, I was stunned speechless when Principal Ballard called out the names of the final candidates today. For Lord of the Fling, the list is 5 8th grade boys including my all-time dreamboat way-out-of-my-league-crush, Adam Cartwright himself, who I'm totally convinced is going to win no matter what anybody says. The Lady of the Fling list, though, was a shocker. Not only are there only 2 8th grade girls on it (Amanda Cooke and Sammie Parks) but a couple 7th graders made it on the list, and I'm told that's never happened before. Even more, I found out that I, Haley Elizabeth Hotchkiss, am on that final list!

So, Linds and I went to work. We went into the newspaper office (since Vee's comp still isn't working) and designed some flyers to hang around the school. We figured if Meredith was going to go on the offensive, so were we. I was going all-in. I don't care if I don't win Spring Fling queen. Just since Meredith Hopkins doesn't either.

I won something!

I now take a brief break from my regularly scheduled Natalie drama to tell you...

... well ...

I actually won something.

No, silly, not the Lady of the Fling or anything like that.

It's the 20th follower drawing over at Kelsyee Bolton's site.

Thing is, I NEVER win these things, and I don't even remember entering. LOL

Quelle surprise! (French lessons seeping in)

I'll update everyone later with my prize info -- once I get it.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring activities

The Spring Fling isn't the only thing going on at school. There are also tryouts for the school play and gymnastics tryouts.
Can you believe they're doing Romeo and Juliet this year? Just about every girl in the 7th and 8th grade wants to be Juliet. Except for me of course, I'll never make it. I bet they give it to Meredith Hopkins, they usually do. Thing is, she can't act her way out of a paper bag.

And Natalie? She ran up to me today in the hallway, with none of her hangers-on. "Haley, I have to talk to you."
"About what?"
"I have to tell you that I'm leaving the newspaper."
"Just as well," I said, "you hardly come nowadays."
"But you haven't heard why. Guess what? I'm trying out for the gymnastics team!"
"That's great!" I said. "I have to ask, though -- why gymnastics?" I really wanted to know, because most of the girls on the team are major snobs, especially that Bridget O'Shaughnessy.
"I've been taking gymnastics classes since I was five."
I shrugged. "I guess that's as good a reason as any."

Monday, March 22, 2010

More Spring Fling intrigue

So you guys think I should run, eh?
Thing is, you don't actually 'run' for Spring Fling queen, although Meredith Hopkins seems to think it's a huge campaign. She's already taken out ads in the school paper. The thing is, you're chosen for it, and the winner is announced on the night of the dance. It's nothing but a big popularity contest, anyway. And since the beginning of time an eighth grader has won it. Neither of us are in eighth this year and I can't see that changing -- until we actually get in eighth grade.

To add to the intrigue on the Spring Fling, my cousin Nicki is coming for Spring Break next week, and she'll be bringing her dress! It's the one she wore to her own Spring Gala at her school back in Colorado. It's a little pink-er and frillier than I like, but I forgive her for the military-style jacket, lol.

Spring? What spring?

So, today Harriet, Lindsey and I were walking down the hallway, and we were talking about how chilly it is, to say it's the 3rd day of spring. I don't know why, but all of a sudden it feels more like early February than late March.
We were also talking about the upcoming spring dance, and Lindsey raised the possibility of Natalie Spencer winning Lady of the Fling.
"Come on," I said, "it's not possible. They only give it to an eighth grader every year. I bet Amanda Cooke is gonna win."
"There is a first time for everything," Harriet reminded me. "And you have to admit, Natalie is getting a lot of looks for that."
"Well I don't care who wins it," Lindsey said, "as long as it's not Meredith Hopkins!"
"Amen!" Harriet and I said in unison.
"Haley, what about you?" asked Lindsey. "I think you have a decent shot! I mean, you're class president, you're on the paper --"
"Girls like me don't win stuff like that," I told her, "besides, it's nothing but a big popularity contest."
"I know," agreed Harriet, "but it's certainly worth a shot."

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Aww, you guys!

I'm not an easy person to impress, and I'm certainly not one to get all mushy and stuff, but I was crying after reading your comments. Really. I wasn't asking for anyone to feel sorry for me, as I'm about the last person who would beg for sympathy. I was just telling everyone what happened @ school.
I invite the newcomers to this blog (and there are quite a few of you!) to go over some of my previous blog entries whenever you have time. Meredith Hopkins and her merry band of minions have been doing this for the last two years. You'd think they'd stop this but they have not.
Thankfully, though, I have good friends both on and off line to help me get through this. You know who you are and I'm happy that you are in my life.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Pitfalls of Popularity Part 2

At recess all the girls hang out in the hallway by the water fountain, and while I was on my way to the newspaper office, Meredith and Sasha stopped me. They had Natalie with them.
Meredith gave me a once-over. "Well if it isn't Haley Hotchkiss...class president 2 years in a row...assistant editor of the student newspaper...4.0 average..."
"I don't have a 4.0," I protested, "I got a B in math --" The moment I said it I wished I hadn't.
"We know you're smart, Haley," added Sasha, "but do you have to look it and prove it all the time?"

Natalie didn't say anything, but she didn't stop Meredith from saying anything, either. "You know," Meredith added, "you'd look much better without your glasses, but then again, that's not saying very much."

I've said plenty of times in this space that I hate Meredith Hopkins with a passion. I really, REALLY, REALLY hate her. And now I hate that Natalie is running with her.

And the winner is...

...drum roll please...
If you are a minor, please have your parent contact Vee cpkcrazy at yahoo dot com to make arrangements to claim your prize!
Congratulations and thanks EVERYONE for entering! This was fun!

Spring Giveaway Entries CLOSED

Just a quick note to tell everyone that entries for the Spring Giveaway are now closed. The winner will be announced this evening!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Running with the Wolves

Would you believe Natalie is running with Meredith and Sasha now?
Not only does Natalie have her sleek new haircut, but it seems she has a new wardrobe as well. And the skirts have gotten much shorter since she's begun spending her time with Meredith.
I'm sure Natalie thinks Meredith is being her friend, but she has no idea that Meredith is just using her as her latest and greatest accessory.
You see, before Natalie came here, she was homeschooled.
It's crazy. They eat lunch together, they hang out in the hallway at recess, and since Natalie's parents are both psycologists, I think they live in Meredith's neighborhood too.
I was on IM with my cousin Nicki last night and she pointed something out to me. She said that Meredith may actually see Natalie as a legitimate threat to her and is 'keeping her close by' to keep an eye on her. When I think about it, she behaved this way with Antoinette too.

Which meant this latest meeting of the dance committee was quite the eye-opening experience. They looked, spoke, and behaved like a full clique. How I ended up the de facto chairperson of this committee, I'll never quite know. "Now that we have a name, let's go on a theme," I began.

"Well, Natalie suggested last time that the king and queen be called the Lord and Lady of the Fling," Sasha began. "Why don't we run with it and do a medieval type thing?"

"That's good, Sasha," I said, "but wouldn't the Spring Fling need another name if it's got a medieval theme?" Thing is, we need a name for the dance in order to start discussing decorations for it.

"Not really," Sasha shot back.

"But 'Spring Fling' doesn't sound terribly medieval. I mean, if we're calling the king and queen the Lord and Lady of the Fling, the name of the dance itself would have to sound more medieval."

"What about Ye Olde Merrye Spring Fling?" piped in Natalie. "We don't have to change the name, but we can make it sound more medieval."

I'd have to think about that one. Anyone up for suggestions?

"I've already bought my dress!" protested Meredith, stamping her foot. "And it's certainly NOT medieval! I spent a lot of my parents' money on it! Don't tell me I have to bring it back!" She shot glares at both Natalie and me.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Pitfalls of Popularity

All of a sudden Natalie Spencer is the most popular girl in the grade. Is it just because of the hair? Or is there more to it?
Today in gym class Meredith and Sasha were all over her, playing in her hair and stuff. Meredith treated her like garbage when she arrived, now all of a sudden she wants to be buddy-buddy???

Entry for Rose's Spring Photo Contest and SPRING GIVEAWAY

To me, spring is a time of renewal and restoration. It's as if we're waking up from our winter slumber and coming back to life, as the flowers and trees do.

And now, for the giveaway item.... win Natalie's outfit! It'll come with everything you see here plus the headband. All you have to do is comment here to enter. The drawing is THIS FRIDAY, so enter quickly!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dance Committee Part 2 and GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT!

Well, today I went to another meeting of the dance committee, and I got a surprise.

It was Natalie, and she looked different. Her hair was now shiny and bouncy, and cut in layers. I'm betting her new stylish 'do will be the envy of the grade. Meredith Hopkins, the reigning hair queen of the grade, has officially been supplanted. Natalie's hair is gorgeous.

"I didn't know you were on the committee?" I whispered to her.
"I wasn't until this morning," she laughed.

Sasha suggested the "Spring Fling" and Natalie thought the king and queen should be called the "Lord and Lady of the Fling."

Since I couldn't come up with any better suggestions, we went on to other business. With that in mind, Meredith has already begun her campaign for Lady of the Fling. She took out a campaign-style ad in the school newspaper asking people to vote for her. She doesn't get it. An eighth-grader ALWAYS wins that. ALWAYS.

Oh, and watch the next post. Yep, I'm jumping on the giveaway bandwagon and will announce a giveaway!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

With a little help from your friends...

For those of you new to my blog (and there are quite a few of you, welcome!) this is one of my best friends, Lindsey Rebekah Bergman. And she is one of my best friends even though she is a grade behind me. We met last year at Girl Scouts. Linds is Jewish, though it hasn't mattered very much. Right now her current obsession is Rebecca Rubin and she thinks there actually might be a distant family connection between herself and Ms. Rubin because Rebecca's family and her mother's family came from the same area of eastern Europe.
Anyway, I told Linds what happened at the committee meeting, and yesterday she sent me an email that had me in stitches. She's good for that.
From: "Lindsey Bergman" (iluvdogz at
To: "Haley Hotchkiss" (1stwomanprez at

Hey Hales, picture this. Principal calls Night-Meredith's name as
the spring dance queen, right, and she gets there and starts making her
speech. Well, I got this weird image of her walking up there in her
nightclothes, and I also got an advance copy of her speech. She gets up
there, flips her hair, and starts talkin.' "You know, I gotta thank myself
for being so awesome and looking so darn good. Like, all you minions, I want
everybody to bow down to me and listen to everything I

Linds had me dying laughing, I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time.
Vee's note: the addresses above are not real. LOL

Friday, March 12, 2010

Dance Committee Meeting

It still hasn't quite hit me that I'm actually in a magazine. And to think, I actually took that picture as a joke. Guess the joke's on me, huh?
Now that that's out of the way, I had to grit my teeth and bear the meeting of the spring dance committee. A couple weeks ago (I can't remember) I told you that my teacher put Meredith and I on the committee to help put together the dance. Well, today we met in one of the 'new' classrooms.

I didn't realize Sasha Moore was the third girl on the committee. Sasha, of course, is one of Meredith's minions. She loves to sing and says she dreams of dancing on stage with Beyonce. We're not friends by any stretch but we're cordial to each other. We have to be, we share 3 classes so we see each other quite a bit.

So when I walked in, I knew Meredith and Sasha were talking about me because all of a sudden they stopped. "What are YOU doing here?" Meredith asked.
"Don't act dumb," I replied. "You were in the office."
She tossed her blond hair -- which smelled like downy -- in my face. Sasha just stared.

As an aside, I borrowed Linds' laptop to record the ideas and I wore my first pair of Liberty Jane jeans. Actually Vee has had them since last year but this is my first time wearing them. The fit is a little snug but I like them.

Anyway, when I whipped out the laptop, Sasha was all, "Hey, nice gadget. Yours?"
"No, it's my friend Lindsey's."
"I knew it couldn't be hers," Meredith remarked snidely.
"Lindsey Bergman?" asked Sasha. "Hey, my brother is in her class. She has short curly hair. That's her?"
I shrugged. "I guess so."
We couldn't even discuss ideas for the dance without going at each other. And the teacher was no help, she just stood by.
Anyway, Meredith is determined to win the title of queen, even though since the beginning of time that has gone to an eighth grader and she, of course, is in seventh. Last year Marisol Luna won it. Meredith boasts that she already has bought her gown and has written her acceptance speech.
"This isn't the Oscars," I reminded her, "and that was last week. What happens if you DON'T win queen?"
"Oh," she said, flashing a sugary smile, "that's not going to happen."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Her Majesty, Princess Haley

Apparently my picture is in a magazine!
My friend Robyn from NY emailed me this morning at school and told me that this photograph (taken Halloween 2008) is in this month's edition of Simply AG magazine!
I think Vee secretly submitted it. She had to, if it's in there.
Take THAT, Meredith Hopkins!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Harriet pix

This is just a short post to share a couple of pix of Harriet Vee snapped today while the guests were here. :)

For newbies to this blog, Harriet is, of course, my best friend. We arrived here three days apart (she actually came first) and she sat next to me on my first day of school last year. We've been friends ever since.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lindsey vs. Meredith

Today Meredith went one step too far. And the victim this time was dear sweet Lindsey Bergman.
I let Linds borrow my blue hoodie and my Ready for Fun jeans. "Say, did you fish that from Haley Hotchkiss's closet?"
"So what if I did?" Lindsey asked. "Besides, that flip you're wearing is SOOO last year."
Then I heard Meredith accuse Lindsey of copying me.
That was about the last thing I expected to hear, someone being accused of copying me, lol. Linds and I actually laughed about it afterwards.
"You know what, Meredith, you think you own the school. Well, I've got news for you, you don't."
"Hah, you are about the LAST person I expect to hear that from, you -- a lowly sixth grader."