Monday, August 23, 2010

Sleepovers and Storms

Well, school starts today. Wish me luck.
Here are 2 pics from Haley's last host in RI, a lady and her 7 year old daughter.

She says this one was at a sleepover. Mmmm sweets.

A beach shot. Nice. Haley, where's your swimsuit???

Oh, speaking of sleepovers I had one myself on Saturday night. It was storming outside, and my BFF Kathryn and I planned one on the spot. We invited Harriet, and not only did she show up, but she came with Haley's cousin, Nicky.

We spent all night telling scary ghost stories while the lights flicked on and off. Poor Harriet was all tuckered out, she slept in her clothes!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to School...Almost

Hello everybody, Lindsey here.
Haley's host says she's on her way to Massachusetts to her next host. I'm still waiting for pics from her last host, lol.
Meanwhile, back here school is about to start. I went to school today cause they wanted to introduce us to the teachers and the classes.

All the usual suspects are back in action. These three girls are the ruling class of the school. The girl on the left is Sasha Moore. The one in the middle is Meredith Hopkins. On the right is Natalie Spencer. I don't know these girls nearly as well as Haley does, but I already know I don't like Meredith. Oh, and by the way, the one in the middle, she's running for student body president. And so far, she doesn't have anyone running against her. The big reason is because someone who shall remain unnamed, whose initials are H. H., is currently out traveling and won't be back till October.

Meanwhile, I've got my own issues. The two girls who rule my grade, Kylee Phillips and Victoria Vaccaro, are at it again. This time they approached Kristy Van Dyke (who's back from, what I understand, West Virginia) and called her a dummy.

Kristy didn't take too kindly to that. The next thing I knew, she had Kylee pinned against the wall.
School hasn't even started yet.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lindsey speaks out

Hey everybody, Linds here. I borrowed Vee's friend's camera to make this update, she thinks hers will be out of the shop soon.
Can't be soon enuf tho, school starts a week from Monday. I am SO not looking forward to it, especially with Haley still traveling. BTW, she STILL hasn't sent me those pics so I could post them, sigh. Haley, if you're reading this, hurry up!
Vee's friend has one of these fancy talking cameras with the auto-focus and about 20 megapixels. Sigh.

So, today I was at the aquarium with my pesty older brother Ethan when three girls suddenly came up to me. I knew exactly who these girls were, Kylee Phillips, Vicky Vaccaro, and a third girl that looked suspiciously like Haley's Natalie. Haley knows Natalie a lot better than I do, but I'm very familiar with Kylee and Victoria. Those two have been the bane of my existence since about the third grade, teasing me about everything, Kylee by far the worst of the two.

"Whatcha doin' here?" Kylee asked.

"What does anybody do here?" I replied. "I'm looking at the fish."

"Couldn't you have done ANYTHING with your wild hair?" she asked. "Every time I see you it's in that same frizzy mop."

I heard Victoria laugh and snicker behind her, but Natalie (or at least the girl I suspect was Natalie) didn't utter a peep. Then I figured it out. Alison told me the three of them were on the gymnastics team last year.

"Well you know, Kylee," I shot back, "that skirt is so high someone could probably see your underpants. If I left out of my house in that, mom and dad would burn it with me wearing it."

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bye bye New York... hello Rhode Island!

Hi, Linds again. Haley left New York State and continues her tour of the Northeast with Rhode Island. But before she left, she and her new friends there took some snapshots.

Oh and I agree with Haley, that Bobby is real cute. Sigh.

To see more, click on the pic!