Friday, March 19, 2010

The Pitfalls of Popularity Part 2

At recess all the girls hang out in the hallway by the water fountain, and while I was on my way to the newspaper office, Meredith and Sasha stopped me. They had Natalie with them.
Meredith gave me a once-over. "Well if it isn't Haley Hotchkiss...class president 2 years in a row...assistant editor of the student newspaper...4.0 average..."
"I don't have a 4.0," I protested, "I got a B in math --" The moment I said it I wished I hadn't.
"We know you're smart, Haley," added Sasha, "but do you have to look it and prove it all the time?"

Natalie didn't say anything, but she didn't stop Meredith from saying anything, either. "You know," Meredith added, "you'd look much better without your glasses, but then again, that's not saying very much."

I've said plenty of times in this space that I hate Meredith Hopkins with a passion. I really, REALLY, REALLY hate her. And now I hate that Natalie is running with her.


Wendy said...

That's so terrible! First of all, what she said is so untrue... you're beautiful, Haley! And don't forget it. I hope this isn't what Natalie hopes to become!

The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Ignore her comments .. we think you are super and beautiful. I am so sorry that she is making school harder for you .. I wish i was there to put her in her place.

And I do not understand why Natilie is putting up with her treating you like that. I would think she would not tollerate it.

Keep smiling Haley .. you have friends here.

Ta Ta,

Haydren Iris said...

Oh Haley, Merdeath is a lier, backstabber, and just and all out mean spoiled child. She has Natalie trapped under her spell. Ignore her, because people like you become President, and people like her end up screwing up their entire life.

How is the School Dance Coming along? Can I come? :)

Sabine Bouchard said...

How obnoxious and completely untrue!
Personally, I think she's super jealous of you and that's why she feels the need to put you down.
I have no idea why Natalie is so entrapped by her...she will figure out the truth sooner or later...crois-moi...they always do.

all4dolls said...

I think dumb ol' Meridith is just jealous. Don't let her get to you!