Monday, March 22, 2010

More Spring Fling intrigue

So you guys think I should run, eh?
Thing is, you don't actually 'run' for Spring Fling queen, although Meredith Hopkins seems to think it's a huge campaign. She's already taken out ads in the school paper. The thing is, you're chosen for it, and the winner is announced on the night of the dance. It's nothing but a big popularity contest, anyway. And since the beginning of time an eighth grader has won it. Neither of us are in eighth this year and I can't see that changing -- until we actually get in eighth grade.

To add to the intrigue on the Spring Fling, my cousin Nicki is coming for Spring Break next week, and she'll be bringing her dress! It's the one she wore to her own Spring Gala at her school back in Colorado. It's a little pink-er and frillier than I like, but I forgive her for the military-style jacket, lol.


The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Even if you do not 'run' for it, maybe you could have some little flyers made up that say something about if they do not want Meridith as the Lady of the Fling .. vote Haley .. just put the idea out there.

It would be fine if some 8th grader got it, but even better if you could be the first non-8th grader to win. That would rock.

If you did not want your name out there, then choose an 8th grader who would need encouragement and work to get people voting for her.

Just a thought.

Ta Ta,

~Nicki~ said...

I like Kelsyee's idea. Supporting an 8th grader would be better than doing nothing. Meredith should not win, anyway! She is more than mean--she's something that would be slightly offensive, well, more than slightly to some, to post on this blog. Go figure.
Anyway--whatever you do, make sure it beats Meredith!

Sabine Bouchard said...

Supporting an 8th grader would be a good idea...even if you don't win...anyone but Meredith should win.
I wish you the best of luck!

Wendy said...

I really, really hope Meredith doesn't win! I still think you should try for it. I'd vote for you if I went to your school. =)