Thursday, March 25, 2010

On the Offensive

Still over the moon over the win @ Kelsyee Bolton's site, where I've learned I'm going to get a royal-purple crushed velvet blouse for my prize (I've seen it, it's very cute, and I can't wait to wear it to show Meredith HAHA) I learned I sorta misspoke regarding the selection process for Spring Fling Queen.
Apparently Meredith DID have it right (ugh as much as it pains me to admit) and you DO campaign for it -- sort of. You're actually nominated and there's a big ballot and this week they narrowed the competition for Lord and Lady of the Fling down to 5 nominees each. The winner is announced at the dance.
So, I was stunned speechless when Principal Ballard called out the names of the final candidates today. For Lord of the Fling, the list is 5 8th grade boys including my all-time dreamboat way-out-of-my-league-crush, Adam Cartwright himself, who I'm totally convinced is going to win no matter what anybody says. The Lady of the Fling list, though, was a shocker. Not only are there only 2 8th grade girls on it (Amanda Cooke and Sammie Parks) but a couple 7th graders made it on the list, and I'm told that's never happened before. Even more, I found out that I, Haley Elizabeth Hotchkiss, am on that final list!

So, Linds and I went to work. We went into the newspaper office (since Vee's comp still isn't working) and designed some flyers to hang around the school. We figured if Meredith was going to go on the offensive, so were we. I was going all-in. I don't care if I don't win Spring Fling queen. Just since Meredith Hopkins doesn't either.


all4dolls said...

Congrats on both special things: the outfit you won and being a finalist in the Spring Fling. Good luck!

The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Oh I am sooooo happy for you .. go my friend go .. we cannot wait .. this is so exciting that you are nominated for the spring fling .. work hard and you have great thoughts coming from us ..

Have fun with the campain and just enjoy yourself .. we are all so happy for you .. and cannot wait to see how it all goes ..

Ta Ta,

Mia S. said...

Congrats, Haley! I hope Meredith does NOT win! I would definitely vote for you....
I'm glad Lindsey was able to help you out, she sounds like a great friend.
Sending you hugs,

Sabine Bouchard said...

Oooh...congrats, Haley! That is fantastic! I am so happy pour toi!
Meredith definitely does not deserve to win such an honor; I hope that you do.
Lindsey is a wonderful friend, by the way. :)
Ton amie,

Michaela said...

Congratulations, Haley! I hope you and Adam Cartwright win!

Wendy said...

Congrats on the nomination! You really deserve it! I hope Meredith loses. Badly =D