Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Running with the Wolves

Would you believe Natalie is running with Meredith and Sasha now?
Not only does Natalie have her sleek new haircut, but it seems she has a new wardrobe as well. And the skirts have gotten much shorter since she's begun spending her time with Meredith.
I'm sure Natalie thinks Meredith is being her friend, but she has no idea that Meredith is just using her as her latest and greatest accessory.
You see, before Natalie came here, she was homeschooled.
It's crazy. They eat lunch together, they hang out in the hallway at recess, and since Natalie's parents are both psycologists, I think they live in Meredith's neighborhood too.
I was on IM with my cousin Nicki last night and she pointed something out to me. She said that Meredith may actually see Natalie as a legitimate threat to her and is 'keeping her close by' to keep an eye on her. When I think about it, she behaved this way with Antoinette too.

Which meant this latest meeting of the dance committee was quite the eye-opening experience. They looked, spoke, and behaved like a full clique. How I ended up the de facto chairperson of this committee, I'll never quite know. "Now that we have a name, let's go on a theme," I began.

"Well, Natalie suggested last time that the king and queen be called the Lord and Lady of the Fling," Sasha began. "Why don't we run with it and do a medieval type thing?"

"That's good, Sasha," I said, "but wouldn't the Spring Fling need another name if it's got a medieval theme?" Thing is, we need a name for the dance in order to start discussing decorations for it.

"Not really," Sasha shot back.

"But 'Spring Fling' doesn't sound terribly medieval. I mean, if we're calling the king and queen the Lord and Lady of the Fling, the name of the dance itself would have to sound more medieval."

"What about Ye Olde Merrye Spring Fling?" piped in Natalie. "We don't have to change the name, but we can make it sound more medieval."

I'd have to think about that one. Anyone up for suggestions?

"I've already bought my dress!" protested Meredith, stamping her foot. "And it's certainly NOT medieval! I spent a lot of my parents' money on it! Don't tell me I have to bring it back!" She shot glares at both Natalie and me.


Sophie Amélie said...

I think Nicki's theory is right about Meredith keeping an "eye" on Natalie by pretending to be her friend.

I also really like the medieval theme. You can have medieval-esque decorations, but the participants don't have to feel obligated to dress in costume. So Meredith can wear her new dress. And you can wear your pretty medieval princess dress. ;)


Michaela said...

Ughhh! It seems like Meredith takes EVERYTHING aaway from you!

Mia S. said...

Wow, I think medievel sounds cool, though I think standing up for yourself is more important. I like the name Spring Fling, it's very cute! I'm surprised how quickly Natalie turned outgoing. My twin sister Rythmie is pretty shy and she's homeschooled. I hope Natalie is able to break off from the popular clique and be herself!
Thanks for keeping us updated. ;)

The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

I agree with Nicki and Sophie as well. Meredith must be keeping an eye on her. I feel sorry for Natalie when Meredith gets tired of her and moves on. Those kind of girls are insane.

The medieval theme sounds totally kewl, but then we all love that kind of thing around here.

Keep your chin up, I am sure Natalie will figure out what is going on soon,

Ta Ta,

Wendy said...

I bet Nicki is right too. Meredith is unbelievable.

Sabine Bouchard said... frustrating. The Edwardses did the exact same thing Meredith is doing to Natalie to Malorie.
Medieval...very cool theme; you could do a lot with that.
I would try my best to ignore Meredith and her shenanigans and have a great time.