Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween everybody!

What are your plans for today?
Me, Harriet's trying to talk me into going to Antoinette's costume party. Antoinette invited us about a week ago. I'm not sure if I'm going, especially if Meredith's there like I think she will be.
Last night, somehow, we managed to pull off the 'Thriller' themed Halloween dance. Lindsey's dad let us use his lighting equipment and the smoke machines again. And I won second place in the costume contest, for something I threw together using Elizabeth's meet dress I found in a trunk last spring, and a wig Vee had around here for something else. Wouldn't you know, a boy dressed as Michael Jackson won first prize.
Oh, guess what? I'm going to visit Nicki in Colorado over Christmas break!
I don't think anything can prepare me for that weather. I suppose more than a year in Louisiana has spoiled me, even from PA winters. Nicki says they had over 3 feet of snow, already, and they were afraid they'd lost some of their ranch animals. I'm looking forward to seeing Aunt Joan and Uncle Dan and Adam and the twins, who are now about a year old.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So, it was chilly out yesterday, and Kit and I were walking home from the student council meeting. Kit's family bought a house right down the street from me, which is cool. She didn't win her class presidency election (that Kylee Phillips did) but she did become a homeroom rep. Then she asked a question. "Haley, what are you gonna do for Halloween?"
Halloween. Right. Three days away.
I shook my head. I've still got no clue.
My family was never that big on the holiday. Especially mom. She used to call the holiday 'silly' and I think I only went trick-or-treating once, and that was right after mom and dad split up. Dad let me trick-or-treat and eat pretty much all the candy I wanted. Never mind that I was throwing up the next morning cause I was allergic to half of what I ate. So Halloween was never really a big deal for us Hotchkisses.
On top of all that, we've got to throw SOMETHING together for the Halloween dance. Amanda Peters, 8th grader and student body president, wants to do a Thriller-themed haunted house deal, in honor of the death of Michael Jackson over the summer. I do not know how we're gonna pull this off.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sorry, y'all, for being MIA

That's missing-in-action, not Mia (as in Mia St. Clair, who went to Parkington this year). There's a reason I've been absent from the blogosphere as of late.
Well, guess who got elected seventh grade class president anyway, after all that drama? Yep, yours truly. Here's how it went down.
Caelan's mom got in an accident, so he was forced to drop out of the race. Not that he had any chance of winning, anyway. Maitte Luna (Marisol's sister)'s family moved back to Chicago, so she was out, too. Which left Meredith again running unopposed.
I was not about to sit by and let her walk into the presidency, at least not without a fight. I had talked to Megan and she convinced me that the presidency wouldn't really interfere that much with my new duties at the newspaper. Besides, deep down, even though I said I didn't want the presidency, I lied. I did want it, and I think I'm going to run for student body president if I'm still at Adams next year.
Unlike last year, when the voting was tight and contested, I got elected pretty easily this time. Harriet says I got elected because the kids recognized what a good job I did last year.

Oh, something else happened. I got an email from Hilary, and I have to tell you, she already looks different. She's attending a private school in California now. Harriet thinks she's lost weight, and when Hilary says she's a vegetarian now, you can believe it. Her hair looks like it's shorter as well.