Saturday, September 26, 2009

Changed my blog template

It's all Sophie and Maura's fault, I tell you!
I decided my blog needed some jazzing up, thanks to seeing their cool templates on their site. So I decided to have Lindsey, my resident computer guru, spice up my page. Problem is, when she did, all my links went buh-bye.
So, could all of you post your blog addresses again so I could have her redo my links section? Thanks bunches y'all!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Picture Day -- Say Cheese!

Did I tell you I HATE School Picture Day?
I hate it for several reasons, but most of all, that contraption that's up top. That's gonna be in the yearbook this year as me, Haley Hotchkiss.
Meredith and Marisa, those banes of my existence, cut in front of me in the picture line, and they tried to take Antoinette with them. She looked back at me and then at them and decided to stay with me and Harriet.
Oh, and I made another major decision. I decided to run for class president. I figured I was gonna get chosen as a class rep anyway, so why not go for the whole shebang?
So, that's why I've been busy -- newspaper and with devising my class presidency campaign. Since the position remains unfilled, there's nobody to help the student body president plan the back-to-school dance. But this time, I'm not running so that I can win. I'm running so that Meredith Hopkins will lose. Because there's no guarantee that Maitte or Caelan could beat her in an election against her.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Catching up again

I'm sorry I've been so busy here in Haley-land. The paper has pretty much taken all of my time.
The above shot was taken at my birthday party a week and a half ago. I decided to wear the Sapphire Party Dress that Vee had bought sometime last year but I never had an occasion to wear. I was surprised that Antoinette showed up. I did not mention Meredith or ask her why she came to my party.
Hilary left this week (sniff), which has made me sad. Not sure when or if she'll be back. And I still don't know where Kristy is, she's still kinda in limbo at this point.
As for the class presidency, as of right now I'm not in the race. There are, however, two more entrants. One is Maitte Luna, younger sister of Marisol Luna. The other is this boy named Caelan Staub, who hardly says 2 words in class, usually, so I'm definitely surprised that he's decided to run for class president.
I've been neutral in the race and have decided not to support one candidate or the other, but, honestly I don't care who wins as long as it's not Meredith.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Death in the (extended) family

Harriet's great aunt (her grandma's sister) died last night.
She called me at 12:30 this morning to tell me. I doubt she'll be back in school for the rest of the week, especially since her great-aunt lived out of town, so I'm gonna try to get her assignments for her. I don't have all the same classes, so that's not gonna be easy.
I still haven't made up my mind on running for class president, but I'm getting a lot of pressure from both on and offline friends to run, and Megan even suggested I resign my position at the paper to run against Meredith. "There's no way she can coast into office unopposed," Megan said.
Speaking of Meredith, she came by the office today and she's already put out an ad in the paper with her picture on it and the slogan "Hop to Hopkins." Her smug mug already makes me gag.
My party the other night was pretty nice; although Harriet seemed kinda distracted. I now know why. She said her great-aunt actually used to sit for her sometimes. I never actually met the lady but she sounded real sweet.
And I think this explains some of Harriet's strange behavior over the last several weeks. I've already mentioned that she has an incredibly large and close-knit extended family that includes a lot of cousins and the like.
I'll probably go to her house tomorrow or so, if they're home.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nicki's gone home

Thanks everybody for the warm birthday greetings! Avery, I couldn't open the 'cake' you sent. :-(
Vee, Harriet, and I dropped Nicki off at the airport last night. I'd hoped she would stick around for my birthday get-together later this evening, but her mom called and said she wanted to get her ready for school on Tuesday.
Have to admit there were a lot of tears at the airport, but Nicki was the one doing most of the crying. I realize Nicki's my cousin and all, and Harriet says I've got to appreciate her but sometimes she is a royal pain. Before she left, she told Harriet to make sure I ran for class president and to stay on me like gravy on rice until I did it.
Abby suggested that I try to convince Antoinette to run against Meredith. One problem with that. She's only here for 1 semester, and the class presidency is for the entire year. Which puts me back at square one.
I'm gonna have to make my mind up soon, as the campaigning starts next week. Kit's already declared that she will try to get my old job -- sixth grade class president. Unfortunately, she's running into some stiff opposition from Kylee Phillips and another boy, Nick Staub. Lindsey took an informal poll and said that if the election were held today, Kylee would win in a landslide.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today's my birthday. I make 12. However, I don't think my present is coming till at least next week.
That's because Vee is tripping all over herself over the newest JLY releases from AG. There must be like 20 new dolls and at least that many new outfits, and there's stuff for the Rebecca and Julie collections as well. She says she likes practically ALL of the new dolls, which begs to question -- what happens to some of us old hands?
Personally, of the new outfits that have come out, I like the photographer outfit and the petal hoodie. I'm also drawn to the sparkly plum outfit, too.
If I have a party, it'll probably be Saturday, as today is still a school day.
We finally released the back to school edition of the paper, but I still haven't decided whether or not I'll run against Meredith for class president. I can't stand the notion of her winning in a walkover, though. That'll really sting.
Abby's suggestion of letting one of my friends run is a good one -- except I can't find anybody willing to do it. The only one who might do it is Kit, and she's in 6th grade not 7th. I mean, Hilary's moving away, I'm not sure if Kristy's coming back, Katarina won't do it and neither would Harriet. So who's left?
I still haven't found the guts to tell Antoinette about Meredith. Meredith herself is not making things any easier, as she seems to conveniently find an excuse to take her away just as I'm about to talk to her.