Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hey it's me Haley!

A voice from the great AG above :)

I am going to CLOBBER Lindsey Bergman. I told her to post my traveling pix on my blog and she's been posting her stuff, too! Just messing with ya, Linds. But I still think you should get your own blog, been enjoying your posts. Been a way to keep up with things going on back home while I'm out traveling.

So, Mia St. Clair is running against Meredith for student body president, eh? Hope Mia wins. Meredith absolutely SHOULD NOT be student body president under ANY circumstances. Anyone who's read this blog for any length of time knows that. And if you're new to this blog I invite you to read thru some of my previous posts, and to access them quickly, just search for the label "meredith hopkins," and you'll find them.

And there's a new girl named Laney, eh? And she's blond? And she's a geek who likes science and nature? Hmm. I think she and I might get along. I haven't met her yet but I hope she doesn't have a snotty superior attitude. I'm sorry that Meredith Hopkins and company is being cruel to her. I can't believe they threw her pet bunny in the trash can. That's mean! Did she go to the principal?

Well, gotta go. But before I do, I've noticed that there are a bunch of new blogs that have sprung up since I was last here. If you have one of the new blogs, or even if you have one of the old ones whose links I missed, please post your links in the comment section below, and hopefully Linds will update the link section. K? Later, bye!

Haley :-D

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I'm 10000 percent conviced that Meredith Hopkins is evil.
I'm even more covinced that Meredith Hopkins cannot be student body president, at all costs.

It started after school today, when the new girl, Laney Holland, complained that Lulu, the pet bunny she'd brought to honors science class, was missing. I don't take honors science, I don't take honors anything. Since I don't like seeing animals ill treated -- hey I once stopped a pet parade at my old school -- Kate and I volunteered to help her look for Lulu.

"Lulu!" we called in rounds. "Looo-loooo! Where are yoooooo?"

It took us nearly an hour but we found Lulu -- thrown in the dumpster. Who would throw a bunny in the garbage can??? I know Meredith and her lackeys were behind this.

Meanwhile, we took Lulu back to the lab and cleaned her up. She's sooo cute!

I will say this though. THIS MEANS WAR. Kate and I are getting ready to fight.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The New Girl

Got a new student in my class today. Her name is Delaney Holland. She moved here from Masachewsits. Actually, her full name is Claire Delaney Holland, but nobody calls her that. It's either Delaney or "Laney," her nickname. And since today was the last day of "Picture Week," she got the yearbook photo you see up top.
So, she walks up and introduces herself, and this boy in the back shouts, "Taylor Swift! Taylor Swift!" I know shes some kind of singer or other, but as far as listening to her music, no thanx.
Anyway, Laney is a true geek. Even geekier than you, Haley, if that's possible. Her mom is an arkitech and her dad is a college professer. She's got an older sister who's a concert musician. So yeah, they're all brainiacs.
So, me and Kit and Jess decide to invite Laney to sit with us for lunch. "You got stuck with the weirdos," Kylee Phillips shouts from across the cafeteria. Unfortunately we're on the graveyard lunch shift this year, and Harriet since she's an upper grader, got the good one.
Laney whips out her laptop and tells us she misses her BFF, Dakota, who is out traveling. Naturally this intrested Jess, who's been to Belize and Egypt. She wants to be a wildlife bioligest and she showed us this notebook where she wrote down all kinds of stuff about animals and plants and drew a lot of pix. "How long you been doing this?" Kit, ever the reporter, asks.
"A few years now," replies Laney.
"Mind if I interview you for the back to school issue?"
Laney looks at her, confused. "What back to school issue?"
I explained to Laney that every year Adams' newspaper and yearbook staffs combine to put out this big issue about returning to school in the fall.
It's me and Kit's job to show Laney the ropes at Adams Middle School. Especially since you're not here to help out, Haley.
Laney doesn't know it yet, but I plan to recruit her for the paper. I could tell she and I are gonna get along .... just ... fine.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Say "Cheese"

Yep, it's that time of year. It's school picture week here at Adams Middle School. The gym turned into a miniature portrait studio.
I don't like picture day that much. And it doesn't help that the photographer puts the camera so close to your face.
Hey Haley, if you're reading this, I wanna show you some of what got turned in for the yearbook. You might get a few chuckles out of these.

Eeeek! It's a ghost! Oh wait, no it's not. It's only Night-Meredith Hopkins, who so far is leading in the polls to become the next student body president. Not if I can help it.

Kylee Phillips, the bane of my existence. Geez Louise what a scary shot! And on top of that, she's running for president of my class.

Kylee's second-in-command, Vickie Vaccaro. Vicks just basically does what Kylee tells her to do.

My BFF, Kathryn "Kit" Kittredge. She's running against Kylee Phillips for class president. She came up short last year but I'm gonna do whatever it takes to get her over the hump this time.

Hey Haley, it's that girl you were telling me about, Natalie Spencer. Do you know she's playing volleyball this year? Natty, sweetie, didja think u were modeling?

Harriet, I love ya, gurl, but this is one scary yearbook picture.

My newest friend, Jess McConnell. She spent two years traveling in Belize and Egypt and tells me all kinds of really cool stories.

And the scariest shot of all....


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mia St. Clair

So far, the first week of school has been... interesting... to say the least.

Today, while I was in the newspaper office, something interesting happened.

(Excuse the mess, we're still getting moved back in)

We were visited by one Mia St. Clair, who announced that she's running against Meredith Hopkins for student body president! Needless to say, Kate and I were stunned. We didn't think anyone would challenge her. But someone has.

And I emailed Haley about this and she couldn't be happier. She would run herself, but there is the little problem of her being in Massachusetts right now...

Anyone who is running against Meredith Hopkins deserves my support and my kudos. Go Mia!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Quicky post

Hey, Lindz again. Haley's host has given us 2 albums this time, so enjoy!

Here's one from her arrival. Click on the pic for more!

And another from a town called Alton Bay, NH, with new friends called Emily and Kailey. Again click on the pic and enjoy!

More on my first week of school later. Lindzzzz