Sunday, October 17, 2010

Me again!

Yep, tis I, Haley Hotchkiss herself.

I'm in Star Valley with AG celebs Susie of "As Told By Susie" and Sophie of "Le Fabuleux Destin de Sophie Amelie," along with another traveling girl called Ruthie.

Sophie, Ruthie, and I went yesterday to the Keene (NH) Pumpkin Festival and had a blast. I've also been apple picking and then went to the AG Place in Natick, MA where I went and saw an eye doctor and picked out some new glasses.

Been reading Lindz's posts on her new blog... I can't believe there's a glee club at Adams. Or that my best friend has joined it. Harriet, if you're reading, I'm wondering why you actually joined it. Not that it matters, I'm happy if you're happy. But I'm just curious.

Also been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift lately (gag me, but I actually find her more tolerable than Miley Cyrus or her alter-ego Hannah Montana) and there's this one song of hers, called "Fifteen" that I actually like.

Oh well, gotta get off the puter. Later,

xoxo, Haley