Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sorry for disappearing again...

...but there are still A LOT of things going on in the Human's life. Vee is still on her job search and is currently getting over her 2nd sinus infection in as many months.
Anyway, on my end, I have indeed left Adams Middle School and am currently enrolled at Innerstar Magnet Academy, where I started after Christmas. It's a boarding school for gifted and talented girls, and I'm thrilled to have gotten in. However, I do miss my old friends back at AMS.

This is one of my two new roommates, McKenna Marie Brooks. She comes from Seattle, Washington, and is VERY unlike me. She is a three sport athlete -- gymnastics, cross-country, and tennis, but gymnastics is her favorite. She left behind five-year-old twin sisters, Maisey and Mara (seriously, what kind of names are those?) She and her friends, Mia St. Clair and Natalie Spencer (yes that Natalie, her parents transferred her too) make up three-fourths of the Shooting Stars gymastics team at IMA. And they're ALWAYS together. She's a cheerleader, too. She's a three sport athlete and I'm a total klutz at ANY sport. Sigh. She seems so... perfect. Sigh again.

In my next post I'll introduce you to my other new roommate at IMA.

I look at the girls here at IMA and sometimes I don't think I measure up. They're all super perfect or super talented or three-sport athletes or musicians or actors. I'm none of those things. When I look at the girls at IMA, sometimes I wonder how I even got in.