Saturday, September 26, 2009

Changed my blog template

It's all Sophie and Maura's fault, I tell you!
I decided my blog needed some jazzing up, thanks to seeing their cool templates on their site. So I decided to have Lindsey, my resident computer guru, spice up my page. Problem is, when she did, all my links went buh-bye.
So, could all of you post your blog addresses again so I could have her redo my links section? Thanks bunches y'all!


Abby said...

Mine is

It's okay. The blog still looks amazing.

AGSpencer♥ said...

Hi Haley!
I'm not sure if you want mine, because it wasn't on before. But here's the link
I LOVE the new background! It's way cute ;D

Kelsi said...

Idk if you want mine bc it wasnt on there b4 but here it is:

I love ur template!

Cali Hazelwood said...

The blog background looks fantastic, Haley! My blog is Thanx!!!


Brooke said...

Hey! Could you get the word out about my NEW doll blog?? Would you like to become our first follower?? The site is:

Shawn, Ana, Josefina, & Alexia :)

Sophie Amélie said...

Hehe! Sorry about that. ;) Your new template looks great, though.

My link is:

Maura's is:

I might take advantage of your post and add more blog links to my page. I still haven't recovered all of my blog friends yet.

If you change your template again, you can always opt to add the blog links of your followers. There's a check-box for that somewhere, and it's how I recovered some of mine.


Jerica said...

Hey mine is

Avery V. said...

Hi! I love the new layout, it looks great! :)

Our address is

♥Rose♥ said...

Love the new layout! :)

My blog is