Friday, October 16, 2009

Sorry, y'all, for being MIA

That's missing-in-action, not Mia (as in Mia St. Clair, who went to Parkington this year). There's a reason I've been absent from the blogosphere as of late.
Well, guess who got elected seventh grade class president anyway, after all that drama? Yep, yours truly. Here's how it went down.
Caelan's mom got in an accident, so he was forced to drop out of the race. Not that he had any chance of winning, anyway. Maitte Luna (Marisol's sister)'s family moved back to Chicago, so she was out, too. Which left Meredith again running unopposed.
I was not about to sit by and let her walk into the presidency, at least not without a fight. I had talked to Megan and she convinced me that the presidency wouldn't really interfere that much with my new duties at the newspaper. Besides, deep down, even though I said I didn't want the presidency, I lied. I did want it, and I think I'm going to run for student body president if I'm still at Adams next year.
Unlike last year, when the voting was tight and contested, I got elected pretty easily this time. Harriet says I got elected because the kids recognized what a good job I did last year.

Oh, something else happened. I got an email from Hilary, and I have to tell you, she already looks different. She's attending a private school in California now. Harriet thinks she's lost weight, and when Hilary says she's a vegetarian now, you can believe it. Her hair looks like it's shorter as well.


Abby said...

Wow! She looks pretty! I love her uniform

Avery V. said...

Congrats, Haley!
I'm so glad that you won and not Meredith! =D I bet she's really mad that you beat her twice for class president. You're going to do great!

Hilary looks so pretty. I hope you keep in touch with her.

AGSpencer♥ said...

Hi Haley!
Thanks for adding our blog to your link list SD
I'm SO glad you won. Who knows what rude things Meredith could of done if she got elected! Hilary is really pretty....the color of her hair is gorgeous!