Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today's my birthday. I make 12. However, I don't think my present is coming till at least next week.
That's because Vee is tripping all over herself over the newest JLY releases from AG. There must be like 20 new dolls and at least that many new outfits, and there's stuff for the Rebecca and Julie collections as well. She says she likes practically ALL of the new dolls, which begs to question -- what happens to some of us old hands?
Personally, of the new outfits that have come out, I like the photographer outfit and the petal hoodie. I'm also drawn to the sparkly plum outfit, too.
If I have a party, it'll probably be Saturday, as today is still a school day.
We finally released the back to school edition of the paper, but I still haven't decided whether or not I'll run against Meredith for class president. I can't stand the notion of her winning in a walkover, though. That'll really sting.
Abby's suggestion of letting one of my friends run is a good one -- except I can't find anybody willing to do it. The only one who might do it is Kit, and she's in 6th grade not 7th. I mean, Hilary's moving away, I'm not sure if Kristy's coming back, Katarina won't do it and neither would Harriet. So who's left?
I still haven't found the guts to tell Antoinette about Meredith. Meredith herself is not making things any easier, as she seems to conveniently find an excuse to take her away just as I'm about to talk to her.


Avery V. said...

Happy Birthday, Haley! :)
There are 20 new JLY's, that is a boat load of dolls if I've ever seen one. Brooke likes most of them too, she loves all the neat skin/hair/eye color combinations, curly hair, and red heads!
I would hate to see Meredith win, especially if no one runs against her. I hope someone runs, even if you can't!

Abby said...

Happy Birthday, Haley!!
I agree with Avery. The 20 new JLY's is huge. I guess the McDonald's helped with that. AG is really expanding.
It is possible Antoinette could find out of how Meredith is during the election, as long as someone runs against her. It got nasty, and if Meredith is telling you in advance, it might get nastier. There is no way Antoinette can't figure out how Meredith is.

P.S- Maybe Antoinette could run :)

Avery V. said...

Click the link! It's a cake for you! :)

Cali Hazelwood said...

Happy birthdayy!!! ;-)


Wendy said...

Happy birthday Haley! =)

Sophie Amélie said...

Joyeux Anniversaire (d'accord, hier)! :)