Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nicki's gone home

Thanks everybody for the warm birthday greetings! Avery, I couldn't open the 'cake' you sent. :-(
Vee, Harriet, and I dropped Nicki off at the airport last night. I'd hoped she would stick around for my birthday get-together later this evening, but her mom called and said she wanted to get her ready for school on Tuesday.
Have to admit there were a lot of tears at the airport, but Nicki was the one doing most of the crying. I realize Nicki's my cousin and all, and Harriet says I've got to appreciate her but sometimes she is a royal pain. Before she left, she told Harriet to make sure I ran for class president and to stay on me like gravy on rice until I did it.
Abby suggested that I try to convince Antoinette to run against Meredith. One problem with that. She's only here for 1 semester, and the class presidency is for the entire year. Which puts me back at square one.
I'm gonna have to make my mind up soon, as the campaigning starts next week. Kit's already declared that she will try to get my old job -- sixth grade class president. Unfortunately, she's running into some stiff opposition from Kylee Phillips and another boy, Nick Staub. Lindsey took an informal poll and said that if the election were held today, Kylee would win in a landslide.


~Sabine :) said...

Run against Meredith and kick her to the curb! :) I'm considering running against Alyson this year...but I'm rather scared...

Cali Hazelwood said...

You should totally run against Meredith and teach her a lesson! :-)


Sophie Amélie said...

I say you definitely should run. If you don't, think about it: would you want to see Meredith as 7th grade class president? She'd probably abuse her power for sure. So...if no one else is running against her, step up and run. You won why wouldn't you win now?