Thursday, September 24, 2009

Picture Day -- Say Cheese!

Did I tell you I HATE School Picture Day?
I hate it for several reasons, but most of all, that contraption that's up top. That's gonna be in the yearbook this year as me, Haley Hotchkiss.
Meredith and Marisa, those banes of my existence, cut in front of me in the picture line, and they tried to take Antoinette with them. She looked back at me and then at them and decided to stay with me and Harriet.
Oh, and I made another major decision. I decided to run for class president. I figured I was gonna get chosen as a class rep anyway, so why not go for the whole shebang?
So, that's why I've been busy -- newspaper and with devising my class presidency campaign. Since the position remains unfilled, there's nobody to help the student body president plan the back-to-school dance. But this time, I'm not running so that I can win. I'm running so that Meredith Hopkins will lose. Because there's no guarantee that Maitte or Caelan could beat her in an election against her.

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AGSpencer♥ said...

Hey Haley!
That picture is cute! I love your shirt :P
I know you'll do good in elections! You won last year right? I'm thinking of running to. I might ask for some pointers in the future. :D