Thursday, April 30, 2009

Scary Stuff!

I'm writing from the school library because Vee's computer is in the shop. :(

The other night we lost power! There wasn't any reason for it, just lost power. On top of that, Vee's DVD player suddenly stopped working after the power came back on. It was pretty scary being in the dark suddenly, but after the power went out Harriet's grandma lit a few candles.

What's even scarier is this "swine flu" that's going around. Some schools here have even closed down. Not ours yet, but I don't know.

Someone in comments on another post asked about Hilary and Bridget. They're not even speaking to each other right now, which in my mind is probably a good thing. I told Hilary the other day, if she's gonna have friends like that, she doesn't need them.


Avery V. said...

I don't like power outages either, especially at night when there isn't even sunlight. I hope Vee gets her computer back from the shop soon.

Hilary doesn't need friends that will treat her that way, even though it'd be great if they made up.


Mia Mara and Sammy said...

Hi Haley!
It's Mia again..though I just finnaly got my own google account! I'm deadly afraid of the swine Flu! I'm really scared....

Wendy said...

Power outages are no fun. And they are scary because they're so sudden! I don't like them. =( And that definitely sucks about the DVD player.

And I agree about Hilary and Bridget.