Monday, April 13, 2009

Family Reunion

Mom's visit was brief but full of twists and turns.
When she came from the airport, I wore my Silver Belle dress, and she made a comment that I looked nice and that I was beginning to "fill out." Whatever that means.
Anyway, later on mom looked me in the eye and said we needed to talk. I knew she looked different from the way I remembered her, and she definitely acted different. She then told me the reason. "I was laid off from my job, Haley."
Laid off? I asked. "How could you be laid off? You practically started that law firm you worked for."
"Well, the firm is closing down. I suspect it's only temporary, though."
That explained her visit, I thought.
And that wasn't the only thing she told me. "Haley -- I've -- met someone."
Uh-oh, I thought. I sorta knew this was coming, but there was still no way I could reasonably prepare for it.
"We're getting married in the fall. And -- you're gonna be a big sister."
"You're pregnant?"
"It's still early yet. But the doctor confirmed it last week."
These three pieces of news were too much for me at one time to digest. So I took a deep breath and walked away.
"Haley, I know this is all sudden. But, I needed to tell you in person. That's why I needed to tell you." She then grabbed me by the shoulder. "Now it's your turn. I need to know everything that's going on at school."
If my mother's engagement didn't pierce me in the heart, she managed to pour salt on the wound by asking about school. "How do you know something's going on at school?"
"Haley, I'm your mother. Mothers know these things. Don't ask me how, we just know."
I don't know exactly what happened, but I ended up telling her everything.
"Haley, I'm going to talk to the principal on Tuesday, set up a conference. He needs to know this has been going on. And that Meredith character is bad news."
On our way to the mall, she began telling me about what it was like for her growing up. "Well, you know I was a twin, right?"
"Well, my twin sister was the popular one. Everyone liked her. She was sweeter and prettier --"
"Aunt Joan?"
"Yep. I was the square, the class brain. Nobody from my high school would have guessed Joan would marry a rancher and move to Colorado."
Both Nicki and I laughed at that one.


me said...
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Avery V. said...

WOW! That is a lot of big news! I'm sorry your mom got laid off.
Your mom is having a baby? And she's getting married? Congratulations! I don't have any siblings, so I've always wondered what it would feel like to be a sister.
It is weird how mom's know things. When my mom writes to me from France, she can tell just by the way I write back to her if something is up. I hope her meeting with the principal goes ok.

Talk to you later,

Mia said...

I've never had a sister! Mara doesn, but I don't. Maybe she'll (or He'll) be really cute and fun!!