Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Untalented and Overstressed

Easter Week -- and spring break -- has come and gone. Frankly, our holiday wasn't long enough, I needed at least two weeks to recharge. Maybe even a whole month. Summer can't get here fast enough.
Some 8th grader came up with the theme for the upcoming school talent show -- "Adams Got Talent." I understood it to be a play on the name of a TV show. We ended up having to put the new slogan on every sign we made and hung for it, along with the names of the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade class presidents. And as sixth grade class president, I have to help organize the talent show -- a thankless job, to be sure.
While Harriet and I were hanging up our signs, Meredith and a couple of her merry minions came up to us. "I'd like to sign up," said Sasha Moore, who, I could tell, had gotten her hair done.
"What are you doing?" I could hear Meredith whisper to her.
"Signing up for the talent show. Why?"
"Whatcha you gonna do then?"
Then I heard Marisa say, "Mer, Sasha can sing."

I stood there and watched Sasha sign my signup sheet. Meredith looked at Sasha and Marisa, and I could tell she was up to something. She stepped up to me and demanded, "Put me down... for the ballet." She then walked away, dragging her followers with her.
I let out a deep groan. How am I going to get through the next two weeks?


Avery V. said...

I hope the talent shows goes okay. You have a lot of things "on your plate" though! I would be stressed too.

Meredith, dancing :P That should be funny, er, I mean "interesting" that's it! Unless she's really good. I have a feeling she's not.


All of us said...

Ok, we just LOVE the look on Harriet's face as Meredith tells you to put her down for the ballet. It's priceless. We're interested in seeing exactly how she performs, because we all have to take ballet classes here at Parkington and it should be interesting to watch. Knowing Meredith, she'll do fabulous just to outshine everyone else. Let's hope not....

~The Girls of Smithens Hall~