Monday, April 27, 2009

Kristy is completely insane!

Let me explain my title for a second. Okay, most of you who've followed this blog know that Kristy Van Dyke is a girl in my class. She was Harriet's pal before she became mine, and now she's one of my best friends.
Above is a picture of her with her long, thick brown hair that she really hardly does anything with, except maybe put in a ponytail. I'm jealous sometimes that her hair is so thick.
So, the other day Kristy is like, "I wanna cut all of it off." My reaction was, ARE YOU SERIOUS????? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND????
"Yeah, I wanna cut it all off. I want it very short."
Please tell me I'm right. I think this is a terrible idea.


Sophie said...

Well...her hair is really pretty long, but if she's sure about wanting it short, she'd look pretty cute with short hair. I mean, look at Harriet. She changed her hair and looks better than ever.


Avery V. said...

LOL, I laughed at your title! I could only imagine what it meant...

It really is Kristy's choice. I think I'd like her better with long hair though. But if she doesn't do anything with it anyways, I guess it couldn't hurt to get her hair cut short. I think she'd look cute either way!


12OldFashionDolls said...

Tell Kristy you respect her choice either way, but ask her to do a 'tester' to see if she is sure she wants to have such a drastic hair-do change. Have her pin half her hair under, in a fake bob. Yeah it will a messy version, but she'll get the idea!

O F Dolls

Haley said...

Hi everybody,
Kristy has NOT changed her mind, in fact she was even more persistent on cutting all her hair off. She wants it cut like a boy. Sophie, I agree that what Harriet did was drastic and I didn't really like it then either, but I got used to it, I suppose. :)


Quinn said...

I really agree... I don't much like the short hair idea. Her hair is nice. But, it IS her hair, and if she goes through with it, it might actually turn out kinda flattering. Wish her luck!

~Sabine :) said...

LOL...the title was hilarious.
Personally, I like having longer hair so I can do more stuff with it. It's up to Kristy...her hair would look good either way!