Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day!

Today is May 1, which means that in exactly one week is the Adams Jr. High talent show. And I have to say, I'm no more closer to putting together a decent show than I was a week ago. Between the petty squabbling going on over acts, there's the Hilary and Bridget thing (Hilary's our pianist so she'll be playing ALL the talent numbers) turning the ex-BFFs into mortal enemies, and of course there's Meredith. It's not that she's not more impossible than usual (which means she's pretty impossible), it's the way she's doing her damage now that's changed. Most of the time, it's been verbal, with teasing and such. But now, somehow, she's gotten hold of my email address and sending me nasty notes from there. Vee suggested that I change my email address, which I'm thinking about, especially if these nasty emails keep coming.

To: "Haley Hotchkiss" XXXXX
From: "Meredith Hopkins" XXXXX
Subject: Ur a dork

I dunno if I ever told ya this, but I think ur a dork. You should have the word stamped on your forehead like a brand. Ur glasses are so old fashioned and ur clothes suck and u r such a teachers pet. I hate u and your dorky loser friends.

She wrote worse than this but I can't print it on here.
Then, I asked her to help with decorations for the talent show and she, of course, refused.

On a happier note, Lindsey emailed me these manga cartoons she made of me and Harriet off that faceyourmanga site. She painted the freckles on herself using her graphix program. Do they look like us?


Avery V. said...

I hope the talent show goes well! You always pull it together and do great, Haley!

That Meredith!!! AHHH! She is so mean. I would defintely change your email. Is there a way you can 'ignore' or 'block' her or something on your email, and get them sent to the spam file?

Those cartoons look a lot like you guys. I love your freckles!


Greeny and Rosy said...

THose lookd ALOT wike you! :D

Wendy said...

Meredith is so evil! I agree with Avery... if there's a way you can block her, I would. And if not, it might be best to get a new email address.

And about the cartoons, they look a lot like you guys! Really cute. =) I wish I would have thought of adding freckles to Quinn's. Real her had a ton, but cartoon her has like three, lol.

SavannahO's said...

They do look like you! I think you should block her or even change emails.