Monday, April 20, 2009

What About Your Friends (Part 3)

Well, I've got good news and bad news. First the good news. The good news is that Vee is finally gonna let me travel this summer! And my first stop is -- California, to see Wendy! Woo hoo! I can't wait.
And now the bad news. Auditions and rehearsals have started for our school's talent show coming up, and I've got to say, tempers are... already flaring.

Witness this confrontation between Hilary and Bridget. Now, they've got some history -- they used to be BFFs when they both attended Riverside Academy. Of course, Bridget has been lately in the company of Meredith and the Mean Bees (sounds like the name of a girl group, eh? They've sure been acting like one lately, lol). Hilary's gonna play piano and Bridget's doing an Irish dance.
It started over what song Bridget was going to perform to, and then it got personal.
"How can you do this, Bridget?"
"Do what?"
"You betrayed me. We used to be best friends."
"And?" Bridget sounded as callous as Meredith. "So what? Things change, people change."
"Bridget, you're the one who's changed. I don't recognize you. These clothes, that hair -- you're not who I thought I knew."
"Hil, lighten up, will ya? Stop being so dramatic. You know that's your problem, you're so dramatic. You always wanna make people feel sorry for you."
I could see Marisa and Meredith whispering things in Bridget's ear, giving her 'encouragement' so to speak.
"You're the drama queen, Bridget! As soon as you got on the gymnastics team, you dropped me like a hot potato. You didn't even give me a chance."
After Meredith whispered something in her ear, Bridget shot back, "Hil, you couldn't make the gymnastics team if you wanted to. I'm not insulting you, I'm just stating a fact. You're fat and clumsy. Besides, why would I even wanna hang out with you? I'm popular now -- and you're stuck with the dork squad. Sorry."
"Bridget --" Hilary choked back tears. "Bridget, they're just using you." I handed Hilary a napkin. If I had an ex-friend like Bridget, I probably wouldn't confront her like that, so I give her props for that.
I went over my list. So far there were twelve acts -- from dancing and singing to juggling, ballet, and piano. I figured it was decent enough variety that people wouldn't automatically get bored. Although, the thought of Meredith dancing is enough to make my blood curl.


Avery V. said...

Congratulations on your travels! Lucky :P

I wouldn't confront an ex-friend like that either. Hilary is brave! I'm sorry that Bridget was such a jerk to her. Just for a second I thought they might make up and be friends again. Real life doesn't work that way though, just in the movies and books stuff like that happens.

I think you have a pretty good variety in your show. Good luck!

I think Meredith dancing will be an interesting sight...LOL!


Quinn said...

Hi Haley! It's Wendy's friend Quinn. =)

I think Hilary is better off without Bridget if she's gonna be the kinda friend that would drop you for someone else. She was brave to confront her though... I don't know if I'd be able to do that either.

Good luck with the variety show! I don't envy you that job!

Haley said...

Hi Avery and Quinn!

I told Hilary the same things. i told her it would be tough to take, but she is definitely better off without Bridget in her life if she's going to treat her this way. Nobody deserves to be treated that way, by anyone. Especially not someone who's supposed to be your friend.


12OldFashionDolls said...

Hey Haley, thanks for all you lovely comments! I was wondering if would mind voting on my second to most recent post. I would hate to end the voting without your ballet!

Gracias mi amiga!

SavannahO's said...

Good friend ships have their battles. Try to bring them together.

Mia said...

I have a question. Did a girl named Aly ever comment on this blog> I'm trying to track the blog down...