Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanksgiving Food Drive

So, on top of everything ELSE I have to do, I'm now in charge of the annual food drive, co-sponsored by the student council and the newspaper.
I actually convinced Harriet to come in and help with the food drive (I know, a miracle, huh?). We've got a good bit so far but there's still more to go. And we're still gonna need people to go door to door to deliver food.
Yeah, I actually think that's Lindsey's box of Cheerios :-)


Mia S. said...

Hey Haley, Mia here! Honestly, I know how you feel, things have been hectic for me lately to! Sometimes I wish we had a big break in the middle of the school year. Good luck with the food drive, way to be a helper!

Sophie Amélie said...

Wow - you do stay busy, Haley! Although, food drives are good things, so at least you can justify running the school food drive.

I wish I was busy with something. Just sitting here waiting is not at all fun.


~Sabine :) said...

I've been busy, too. It makes life crazy, but in the end, it's worth it! That's pretty cool that you got to head the food drive...I wish I could head something!