Sunday, November 1, 2009


I didn't go to Antoinette's party last night. I used the excuse that it was too cold. Actually, it was fairly chilly last night, but that wasn't the reason I didn't go. I'm from Pennsylvania. The weather here in Louisiana is balmy compared to that.
Harriet went but she came back early, she said Meredith and a bunch of social-climbing 8th graders were there, not our crowd. She also said Antoinette herself looked like she wanted to leave. Instead we hung out at her place and looked thru the new AG holiday catalog.
She still says she wants the yoga outfit as purple is her favorite color. She also says she wants all of Julie Albright's collection -- for herself. She likes that 70s stuff.
Me, even though the Petal Hoodie outfit is, well, pink, I like it as it's loose and casual. I also LUV the Sparkly Plum outfit, definitely something I'd wear, but at $36 I'll only be able to afford it in my dreams. I did have a dream once that I was dancing in the snow with Adam Cartwright wearing the dress....


Mia S. said...

Hi Haley!
I don't usually wear pink either, except my meet sweater.
Poor Antionette! About her party I mean!

Sophie Amélie said...

Of course Antoinette would want to leave her own party! She must be so tired of Meredith by now!

You'd look pretty in that dress. Me, I'd love the Fancy Flowers dress because I love its silver color, but it's so expensive that I doubt I'll get it. I learned my lesson when I didn't get last year's Silver Belle dress.

I agree with Harriet-Julie's clothes are awesome! I wouldn't mind having them all either.

The Petal Hoodie isn't my style, but it suits you, as it does my classmate Lindsey. She hates pink, but she does love hoodies.