Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Three's A Crowd Part 1

Well, I knew it was going to come to this, and sadly, it has.
Meredith and Marisa had this massive cat fight and they're actually not speaking to each other. I think it has something to do with something that happened at Antoinette's party. I'm not sure what it is, and I don't think I actually care.
Speaking of Antoinette, I mean, what do you say to someone whose party stunk like a skunk? I tried to come up with something but the words just wouldn't come out.
So I was on my way to give my talk to the seventh graders at a school assembly as class president (my first) when Meredith and Antoinette were walking by. "Dont'cha think you're going the wrong way for the assembly?" I asked.
"Like I care about your stinkin' assembly?" Meredith shot back.
"Ce n'est pas gentil," Antoinette said in her sweet voice. "That's not nice, Meredith."
"Why should I be nice to her?"
"Allons, laissez-nous vont." Antoinette managed to get in between me and Meredith -- for now.


15OldFashionDolls said...

Oh my! So much is happening! I have a question regarding Antoinette- Do you think she is "BFF" material? I am struck by her beauty, but am not sure of her personality. I hope any drama at your school becomes nice drama.

(sorry we haven't chatted in a while)


Haley said...

Hi Lexi (can I call you that?) LOL
Well, that's just it. Everything's up in the air right now. Add to that the fact that Antoinette is French and will be returning to France next month right before Christmas (!), I can't see BFF for her (that'll always be Harriet) but a friend, maybe, possibly.


Cali Hazelwood said...

Well, in a post I wrote in August called "The Wizard of Oz & My Enemy" I met Nellie for the first time. I think she was just jealous of me and Madi. Since Madi is a bit more wealthy than most kids at FMSG, I guess Nellie wanted to persuade her to move to Madame Montez, a private school where she attended. Then she met me, and well, I suppose she wasn't as focused on befriending Madi as she was on making my life terrible. I guess there's a mean girl at all schools, Haley!

I hope everything works out with you Antoinette!


Anonymous said...

Hi Haley,
Merci for commenting! Antionette sounds nice :) Okay maybe not, but she's French! I hope that she's not going to side with the mean girls after they ruled her party, that could make things pretty sticky! I think Cali's right on saying "I guess there's mean girls at all schools." I don't have much of a talent getting to know some girls from talking to them, but after a while of observing it's easier to tell if they're "Bullies to be". Sorry about the long comment!I tend to do that a lot!
Ps. You're doing good with French, I if you ever have troubles, I can help!