Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Three's A Crowd Part 2

I decided to confront Antoinette in the newspaper office. I knew that a) she'd be without Meredith and b) in case I totally flubbed, I'd be in a neutral zone with other friends. Unfortunately, when I got there, Lindsey and Megan were working on an article for Friday's edition. "Can we talk?"
I figured that meant yes, so I excused Lindsey and Megan and took Antoinette aside. I know Linds was eavesdropping, because that's what she does. She doesn't mean any harm by it, she can't help herself.

Anyway, I heaved a deep breath and I let her have it. "Antoinette, ever since you got here, your behavior has been -- your behavior has been -- strange."
"Oui," I said in my best French. I remember that from my French classes, lol. "You are nice to me and Harriet only when you are not around Meredith. When you're around her, you turn into a different person. Someone I don't like very much."
"Elle est mon amie."
"No she is not! She is nobody's friend but her own. She collects people like others collect jewelry or shoes or purses. And you were just the prize piece for her collection. Can't you see? She is using you!"
"What do you mean by 'using'? I do not understand."

Just when I was about to explain what 'using' meant, Lindsey burst into the room, coming in-between us, playing referee. I know she meant well, but I had to tell her, "We're okay in here, really. Stop worrying about us."
Lindsey folded her arms. "Okay," she said, "but promise not to fight."
So I tried to explain to Antoinette that Meredith wanted to make herself seem 'cooler' by making friends with the French exchange student.
And then I let loose. I told Antoinette everything Meredith had done to me over the last year. "I almost switched schools because of her, twice," I said.
"Pardon, je n'ai pas su," she said. "Vraiment, je n'ai pas su."
"And look, look what happened to you. She and her friends trashed your party, then they talked about you behind your back."

I don't know if Antoinette got my message -- only time will tell. But what I said needed to be said. I couldn't hold it in any longer.
I sat down at the computer and composed my article for the paper. I'm hoping that by the time I go to visit Nicki in Colorado over Christmas break, I will have gotten everything done. As it is, I'll probably be completely wasted. Between quizzes, tests, assignments, and extracurriculars, I barely have time to breathe these days.


Sophie Amélie said...

LOL, the Lindsey here likes to eavesdrop, too - only she actually starts the fights rather than preventing them.

Like Antoinette, I definitely am "collected" because I'm French, especially by the Americans. That's how it was on my first day of school actually. I hope she comes to realize that she isn't actually Meredith's friend.


Mia S. said...

I definitely understand how you've been feeling lately with not being able to breathe. I've just got elected president of the sixth grade, plus I just won a newspaper contest that I entered a long time ago, and that puts me into a "life's a hurry" mood all the time.
Kenidy kind of reminds me of Antionette, even though she's been living in America for over ten years, she breaks out into French a lot around me.
Your friend,

~Sabine :) said...

I understand how you feel. I have been crazy busy busy I just recently updated my blog.
I know so many people that love to start is irritating. Tell Antoinette that I said "Bonjour et bonne chance!" I'm sure she'll love it in America!
~Sabine Bouchard

Jerica said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog and adding me to your blog list!