Saturday, May 9, 2009


Twas an hour before showtime, and all through the house, the only thing that stirred was the click of a (computer) mouse.
Those words aren't mine. They come from the mouth of one Harriet Louisa Jones -- also known as my best friend. She didn't spent much time milling around backstage with me, though, her mom and grandma were out in the audience so she spent most of her time there. Sometimes I wonder why we're even friends, we have precious little in common.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. I didn't expect Lindsey to come through with the video stuff, but she did.

She was setting up her camera when Meredith walked by. Her friend Kathryn (Kit) even managed to get a backstage press pass because she's writing an article about Adams' show for her paper. "Wow, that thing's even bigger than you are," Meredith said, pointing out the camera. "Be sure to flatter my face, and don't make my butt look bigger than it is."
"Don't worry," Linds shot back, "that tutu does a good job of that."
I covered my mouth with laughter. I didn't think Linds had it in her, I was impressed. "Is she always like that?" she asked.
"Yep," I replied. "And worse." Linds let out a giggle.

She wants to make movies when she grows up, and you have to admit she's getting good practice here.
The first act turned out to be Sasha. She managed to show, after all, and I was glad of that. I really liked her dress, a little flashy for my taste but I love the style of it. Though she was hoarse, she sang her little heart out, a rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" from the Wizard of Oz. She left soon afterward, to loud applause. I can't blame her, lol. If I could have I would have.

Next there was Marisol Luna. The eighth grader and a group of girls did a hip-hop dance routine. People were actually getting up to dance along with them.
Two other acts followed and then there was Meredith. I wasn't sure what the song was she danced to, but all I could remember her doing was twirling around. Half the audience was yawning. They were glad to see her off the stage.
Right after her was Bridget. She did an Irish dancing routine. She said she's been doing Irish dance for six years and got into it when she took a trip to Ireland to see her great-grandparents.
There was another girl at the guitar, another one playing the violin, and they set up a mini-rink for Mia to do an ice dancing routine. Finally there was Hilary at the piano. Seven years of piano lessons really paid off, I guess. She's actually pretty good.
They decided not to 'judge' the show as a competition because they couldn't find another judge after that one backed out.


Avery V. said...

I'm glad the show went okay! Maybe you and Linds can be friends. She seems really nice :)

I loved the video! Sounds like everyone did a good job.

Wendy said...

Cool video! Looks like everything went okay at the show. That's definitely a good thing. Probably for the best that no one "won." Meredith would have thrown a fit if she lost, but she would have been even worse to deal with if she won. And that Linds seems pretty cool. =) It would be nice if you guys became friends!

SavannahO's said...

Cool video! You and Lindsey should friends.

12OldFashionDolls said...

I found that video really neat! Tell Lindsey "well done!"