Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Layout and End-of-the-Year stuff

First of all, how do you like (or don't like) my new picture and layout? I figured I needed to refresh it, and I also changed the title of my blog. The new title is courtesy of Hilary, she thought I needed something more catchy. The new pic and graphix are courtesy of Lindsey, she is just a whiz with those graphix programs. Tell me whether you love or hate it, and what can be done to improve it.
Today was our last full day of school, hard to believe it's almost over. *sniff* HAHAHAHAHA Tonight the eighth-graders graduate, tomorrow we have our awards ceremony and a half-day of school, Monday we have off because it's Memorial Day, Tuesday through Friday are all half-days as we take our final exams. Next Friday is our last day of school, and some of the girls in the class are talking about skipping out.
The eighth-graders picked Miley Cyrus' "The Climb" as their class song. The first time I heard it, I believe it might have been on either Sabine's or Katie's blogs. It's not the prettiest song in the world -- to me it sounds like someone cried throughout -- but I'm just weird, lol. Sorry if you're offended.
I've already begun packing for my trip. Vee ordered me the retired Sightseeing outfit, I'm waiting for it to arrive, everything else is packed up and ready to go. I saw pics of the outfit, it's okay, not great. I'm not a fan of the poncho, and I can take or leave the boots. I leave on the 9th, which doesn't give me much time, frankly. She's also letting me use her niece's old Barbie suitcase, and while I'm not a big fan of Barbie, the case keeps my stuff in place and is the right size for me.
My friends' summer plans are pretty varied. Kristy's going on a two-week camping trip, then basketball camp. Hilary's replacing me again -- at least temporarily. She'll take my spot at the local university's gifted and talented summer enrichment program. Thing is, she'll also be spending some time in California (just not when I'm there -- figures) with her father. Her parents are getting a divorce, and there's still a possibility she might be moving. Katarina's returning to Germany. Kit's gonna do her newspaper stuff and play some baseball. Linds says she wants to finish the movie she's making and read all the new Rebecca Rubin stories coming from AG soon (Like Rebecca, Lindsey is Jewish, so she feels a special kinship). And Harriet? "Nothing special," she shrugs. Sometimes I wonder why we're friends as she's so laid-back and I'm just the opposite.
What are your summer plans?
We decided that since I have a half-day tomorrow that I'm not going to stay at Parkington. Instead we're going to drive up as soon as I get out of the assembly and then come back here tomorrow night. It's a six hour round trip.


SavannahO's said...

Returning to Germany? Our summer plans our well......seeing our cousins. Being models. make'n vids. NO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!


SavannahO's said...

By the way in your old pic did you pic say Oboma? And we like this pic better

SavannahO's said...

I mean did you shirt say obamo?

Our Lives, Our Stories said...

Good luck at your Parkington interview. We've all been through it, and it's even though it's tough, they'll make you feel right at home. Kinda like an infomercial~ they're selling the school to you in hopes you'll come. If you have an interview, it usually means they want you. What does your Parkington branch specialize in? Is it a performance art school like ours, or is it something different?

Every school has cliques, and bullies, and Meredith's. We have them here too. Unfortunately it seems like it's just how life goes sometimes. Luckily, there aren't many and most of us love each other like sisters.

Good luck this weekend, and let us know how it goes!!

Love, The Girls of Smithens Hall

Mia Mara and Sammy said...

LOVE the new picture! What am I doing this summer? Oh... hm, hanging out with my step sister I suppose.. :P

Avery V. said...

Hi Haley!
I love the "Haleyverse" title! :) The new layout and pictres are great, Linds did a really good job on them.
Sounds like you and your friends have some good summer plans. Have fun traveling! The Sight Seeing Outfit is very pretty. It was the original outfit that I was ordered with. Like you, I can pass on the poncho and boots. Too bad Brooke lost the turtleneck (the only AG thing she's ever lost!) I think you'll like it a lot though!
School's almost over, yay! And good luck at Parkington!

Talk to you later,

Wendy said...

I like the new layout and picture! Nifty. =)

As for my summer plans, well, Bre and I are going to be entertaining YOU and another traveling visitor, and I'll spend a week in the late part of summer at Girl Scout camp. I've already informed Bre, though, that if she goes anywhere I'm going with. =D

Sophie said...

Wow! Very busy. Love the new layout. Look I have a blog! =']
Anyway, my plans are at Summer camp...and...I'm not looking forward to it. But in AUGUST I go to the BEACH! I'm so happy!

♥Rose♥ said...

Hi! I like your new layout and picture---your laptop is Awesome! And the title is clever, too. :)
I'm sorry if I missed this earlier, but where will you being going for your trip? Wherever it is, I'm sure it will be better than being stuck at home all summer long, which is how I will be spending my summer. I may go to summer camp, I'm hoping, but its still in the air. Luna & Sonali get to go to California-- San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. Luckies!

Our school isn't over for a few more weeks, but I can't wait!