Monday, January 12, 2009

Whoops, forgot to mention...

In all the Chrissa movie hoopla, I forgot to mention that because I'd won the class presidency, Mrs. Baldwin picked a new homeroom rep to replace me. She chose a girl named Hilary Lang.

I can't say I know Hilary that well. I do know she's got long blond hair (but yellow blond, not like Meredith's white blond) and blue eyes and is a bit on the chubby side. She's not as thin as Meredith. And she seems to have similar taste in clothes as I do. And I can't say I have an idea where she stands in the class war, either. I don't know if she'll be open to me befriending her or not.
Harriet's told me a little more, though. Hilary's father is Dr. Tom Lang, who's very important in our town. Hilary had been attending the local private school, but she transferred to Adams after the holiday. I wonder why.
I'm also wondering why she got picked for homeroom rep. Perhaps she asked for the position?
And another thing -- the rumors are true: there's a French teacher at Adams this semester! His name is Monsieur Renou, and he's from a town in France called Lyon. In addition to Monsieur Renou, there are lessons on the computer. Thing is, only honors students get to take the courses. I haven't found out whether I get to take the classes yet but I've heard nothing so far.
Now, addressing all your responses to my last post -- I mentioned to Sabine and Wendy that I haven't seen "Mean Girls" yet which is what the Chrissa movie is being compared to. I also mentioned that while Harriet and I are planning her slumber party that we might try to rent it. Jane, glad you liked my outfit. I got it for Christmas from my real mom, and then was going to wear it the first day back but didn't -- only to find out Meredith wore one just like it! It came with a little white vest but I think it looks better without the vest so I wore it without it. Julie, I'm sorry to hear you're being bullied too and so is your friend Joy. But you know what? You are so much better than those girls it's not even funny. I try to remind myself that same thing every time Meredith says something mean. But it's hard, I know it is. And to the anonymous commenter, like I told Harriet, Sonali begins to see the light at some point through the movie.
I'll try to have another 'full' blog entry sometime this week.


12OldFashionDolls said...

Oh Haley we do hope the new class rep. becomes your friend!
And, we want to comment on your cute outfit too!


Will the mean girls evr stop? probably not. But will doll friends ever stop helping friends in need? NEVER!

12 OldFashion Dolls!

Wendy said...

I hope your new class rep is nice! She looks like she might be. And definitely try to rent Mean Girls... so funny! And Harriet must be the most cool and useful friend because she knows everything. =)

Julie's Life said...

Thanks for thinking of me. I'm sorry you have to suffer. I definitely know how it feels. I hope you and the new class rep become great friends. I remember being class president in 5th grade. The WFG voted for some 8th grader that wanted Pizza Fridays. Oi.

Jane said...

Your new class rep is very pretty! And she seems nice! I do hope you 2become good friends!!
Love, Jane

Kit Kittredge said...

Your new class rep sounds like she could be very nice! Learning french sounds like so much fun- Mum has promised that I can learn french at some point. First, I have to start school though!

Mum found a little private boarding school that has just started up- I've been thinking about going there! What do you think?