Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to School Shockers

Well, I went back to school yesterday. I didn't want to go but I didn't have a choice.
The first shock I got was that Katarina got new glasses!

She got them over Christmas break and I have to say, she looks a lot like those pictures of Molly McIntire on the books. I also have to say that I feel somewhat better now that I'm not the only girl sporting specs. She's very quiet and keeps mostly to herself, especially that Meredith calls her names like "Fat Kat."
The second thing is there's going to be a school assembly later on this week to talk about bullying and to show the new Chrissa AG movie. I have to say, from what I've read on the subject, it's going to hit pretty darn close to home. There's even a website, set up by AG, to deal with this.

The third shocker was that yesterday, I thought about wearing the new outfit my mom bought me for Christmas back to school, but decided against it. Imagine my surprise when I saw Meredith walking down the hall wearing the exact same one! I was shocked.

Meredith and her minions continue to make life miserable for everyone at Adams. The girl on the left is Madisyn Baker and in many ways she's as bad as Meredith. The girl on the right is Natasha Ivanova, she's Russian. Meredith's hair always smells like strawberry conditioner and the scent makes me sneeze.
When we passed by, I heard them whisper something. "Hey, Van Dyke," Meredith shouted, looking at Kristy's green outfit, "I guess they forgot to tell you Christmas was over." I can't wait to see THEIR reactions to Chrissa's movie. I'm actually looking forward to this assembly.


Julie A. who is stepping in for Avery V. said...

Haha! I really want to see there reactions!!!

By the way: this is Julie, read about how I am on Avery's blog

~Julie :)

Wendy said...

I hope that movie hits home for them and they learn their lesson! I'd like to see their reactions too. I hope we see that movie at my school... some girls here could learn a thing or two!

Sophie said...

Katarina's new glasses are cute! I've seen Anya with glasses, too, though I think she wears them just for reading. Glasses are pretty sweet; sometimes I want to get a pair just for looks, as I'm one of the only girls here who doesn't need them.

I'm so glad that your school is going to show the Chrissa movie. Meredith definitely needs to see it!

Jane said...

Katrina look's adorable with her glasses! I'm so glad your school going to show Chrissa's movie! I hope Meredith learns something from it.
Love, Jane