Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back to Business

The Adams Junior High student council had its first meeting of the new year today. There wasn't much new discussed, except the budget (there's nothing in it) and the upcoming Valentine's Day dance, which has to be planned by .... drum roll please ... yours truly. Any suggestions?
Speaking of Valentine's Day, the only Valentine I'd like to have is Adam Cartwright. I'm telling you, the boy is soooo handsome!
Trouble is, Adam doesn't know I exist. Every girl at Adams, it seems, has a crush on him (he's in the 7th grade) -- including Meredith, who throws herself at him at every opportunity. And I'm not sure a boy like Adam would want a freckled face girl who wears thick glasses.
Now about the dance. Like Halloween, I've got no clue what to do to the gym. The gym at Adams doubles as the school auditorium, as Adams used to be a high school. There's cutting out a bunch of hearts and stringing them all over the gym. And then there's the question of what kind of dance it's going to be. There are different kinds of dances. For example, Harriet was telling me about a type of dance called a Sadie Hawkins, a dance where the girl asks the guy to dance, instead of the usual guy-gets-girl type.
So, the meeting of the reps of the several homerooms of the sixth grade took place in the gym. The new girl, Hilary Lang came, as well as Mia St. Clair, one of the other reps. I don't know Mia well, but she's a driven athlete -- she swears she'll be figure skating in the 2014 Winter Olympics. Mia does figure skating, ice hockey, roller blading, roller hockey -- anything on skates, she'll do. Her style is girly but athletic and comfortable. Harriet told me she has 3 older brothers -- so she can't be a pushover.

The three of us talked, waiting for Meredith to come in. For those of you new to my blog, she ran against me for class president, and when the vote came in, the two of us got the same number of votes. The election was eventually decided in a school assembly, with someone drawing a name out of a hat. The winner became class president, the loser vice president.
You can imagine that I wasn't looking forward to working with Meredith at all.
While Hilary, Mia, and I were talking, who walked into the door but Meredith, followed by her little lackeys. I was angry.

"This meeting started ten minutes ago," I told her.

Flicking her hair, Meredith replied, "So? What's it to you?"

"As president of the sixth grade, I can tell you that the meetings start at three o'clock and I expect everyone to be here. You think there are special rules just for you?"

"Tell me why I should care about your stupid meeting."

"Well, because we're planning the Valentines' Day dance."

Meredith shook her head. "When's the dance? Oh, that's right, Friday the thirteenth. How exciting for you. You see, I'm not going to be at your stupid little dance. It's the night of my parents' big dinner party. The next day I'll be leaving to compete in the Miss Louisiana American Girl pageant. The winner goes to nationals, and, well, I'm going to nationals. So, your dorky little dance means nothing to me." She bobbed her blond head as she whizzed past me. I wanted to cry but I straightened my skirt.

I know I shouldn't care whether or not she shows up at the dance, but since she's on the student council, I'd like to have her pull her weight in planning it.


Livia said...

Good luck planning the dance - it'll probably be more fun without Meredith there!

Julie's Life said...

If Meredith isn't going to be there go for your man! Ha! How about going to a store and buying the Christmas sale lights. I used to see pink ones all the time. Hang them all over the gym, plus they are in budget. Are you in charge of food? If you are how about some licorice and some holiday Hershey kisses but take out the green and silver ones. How about some Hawaiian punch? It's red and reminds me of Valentine's day. Good luck!

I'm off to see what Ivy thinks about that, maybe she has some ideas,

Wendy said...

That Meredith is so awful! I can guarantee the dance will be a ton better if she isn't there. And Adam? What a hunk! You never know what he could be thinking! A lot of guys love girls in glasses... look at the men mooning at Tina Fey! Anyways, good luck planning the dance and don't let her get to you. That's what she wants.

Haley Stands Strong! =)

Avery V. said...

Good luck planning! Meredith is so mean!