Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years (Eve)

I'm home! (Home being in Louisiana)
Dad drove me to the airport yesterday in silence and I pretty much slept all day today. I think Harriet and Kristy and I are going to go outside later tonight and shoot some firecrackers. Shooting firecrackers is kind of a pastime around here. And Kristy, she seems to know ALL the secrets of getting the most bang out of fireworks.

Another thing we do around here is to make lists of New Year's Resolutions. I've already made one of mine -- and that is not to take too many things to heart and to take myself less seriously. I know it's one of the 'bad' things I got from mom. Along with that resolution, I've also resolved to have more fun in the coming year. Another thing I'm resolving to do is to learn more about different people and different cultures. I'm even considering becoming a Traveling Doll over the summer.

What are YOUR New Year's Resolutions?

Happy 2009, everybody. Let's make THIS year the best EVER!


Avery V. said...

Hi Haley!

Happy New Years. I hope you have a great 2009, and we can get to know each other more and be good friends!

Talk to you later!


Kit Kittredge said...

Haley, Happy New Year to you too!

I am working on some resolutions, but I know I want to get to know my online friends better this year and hopefully learn some new and interesting thing. Not quite sure what yet.


Sophie said...

Happy New Year, Haley!

I can't really say that i make resolutions, but I want to be less of a pain to my teacher this year by *trying* to stop asking for new things. The economy is really hitting hard. But I do hope to go out traveling come this spring. I don't think I'll go out as long as my friend Anya (who was out from March 2005-October 2006), but I really, really love to travel, even more so than she does.

By the way, my classmate Maura is studying in England until she comes back home sometime this year. You two are so alike that it's almost scary. I mean, really! She looks exactly like you except she has hazel eyes, and she can't stand Hannah Montana, either (well, none of us like Hannah here).

(Laura's Note: She's not really in England. She's just in "hiding" until I get a #23 for an eye swap, but Sophie doesn't know that.)

Abby's World said...

Happy New Years! Did you watch the ball drop last night? I went out and banged a pot as loud as I could! My New Year's resolution is to be better at sewing and learn to knit! I also want to get outside more. Lately I've been sitting inside watching TV or practicing my sewing. I haven't put on my coat and really gone outside to play. Hope you had a good one. WOW! Firecrackers? How exciting!

Marisol Luna said...

Happy New Year!

My resolutions are to do better in school, stay more organized, and to learn more about animals because I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up!

Marisol :]