Sunday, December 28, 2008

Musings on Harriet

More greetings from "balmy" Lancaster, PA. I'll be back on terra firma in Louisiana before New Year's. The weather reports say it's going to get cold again soon.
It was an unusually warm day so dad and I took a stroll in the park. We talked about a lot of things, including where I'd be going to school next year. I told him that I was looking into several schools, including Hanover Academy and Parkview Ladies' College. "All of them are private boarding schools," he said, chewing on his mustache.
"I know, dad," I told him.
"Well, aren't you setting yourself up for a fall?"
"Whaddya mean, dad?"
"Private schools like the ones you're thinking about applying to cost money. And what if you don't get in?"
"I'm not thinking about not getting in, dad."
Dad managed a chuckle. "You sound like your mother." Then he sighed. "You're growing up, Scooter -- growing up a little too fast for me."
I had never heard dad talk like that before. One thing I know for sure, I'm not happy about the prospect of going back to Adams Junior High.
Later on, when I got back to dad's computer, I saw that Harriet sent me an email. She says she misses me (of course), that she still wants to have our slumber party (of course, even though she made her birthday and her party got postponed because her grandmother was in the hospital) and that some of her family is still freaking out over her new look. I think if I lopped off six inches my family would be in shock too.
Harriet before:

Harriet now:

You be the judge.


Kit Kittredge said...

Hey Haley!

I like Harriet's hair, and you can tell her I said so!

Good luck with the school thing! I only have one choice for next year, so I'm already decided.


jennakat said...

I am Nicki and this is my Sis Sandy. I would like to read your blog...OK?

~Sabine :) said...

You think Hannah Montana should vanish? Haha, well, I'm a fan, but Ava and Hayley HATE it with a passion! They formed this club called "I don't care if it's Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus...I HATE THEM BOTH!" I must say Miley is better than Hannah.

Marisol Luna said...
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Marisol Luna said...

I messed up my last comment so I deleted it, LOL!

Harriet has very pretty hair, I love curly hair. We're trying to convince Jess to curl her hair, but she likes ponytails and braids. :]