Friday, December 26, 2008

Family Ties

Hello everyone from PA! It's cold here but not as cold as it could be, so I suppose I should count my blessings.
Christmas was pretty good, actually. Mom sent me a new outfit, which is cute but still seems more like a Meredith outfit than something belonging to me. I guess it's the color that's got me. Look:

Dad is, well, Dad. I have to say, he's really improved his cooking. Either that or he's buying a heck of a lot of packaged food and reading the directions really well. He and mom still aren't talking, and I haven't seen my mother in eight months. I'm not sure whether to be sad about that or not.
Got an email from Nicki, who's still in Colorado and will be there till after the New Year. She sent a bunch of pictures, some of the mountains, some of the snow, and some of her with the new puppy she got for Christmas. From the pics she sent I couldn't tell what kind of puppy it was, but it looked to be frisky. She calls him "Sparky."

Nicki has a younger brother, Adam, who's in fourth grade, and her twin sisters were born the day after Thanksgiving, Rebecca Faith and Kristine Hope. Her email account couldn't fit all those pics, so she says she's sending pics of them too. She also says she's been trying to spend some time with her best friend from Colorado, Becca, and her other friend Kris. I tell Nicki one thing. If that dog shows up here, I'll scream.


~Sabine :) said...

I like your outfit!
I'm a #5 named Sabine...can I add your blog to my links? You can add mine. :) ~Sabine

ag_haley said...

Hi Sabine :-)

Sure, you can add the blog to the list.


Kit's Korner said...

Thanks for leaving a comment! I'm turning 13 in February! So glad to have another friend. I'm glad we can connect! Meeting someone different is fun! I've never been friends with a girl who has glasses! What's it like?

Kit Kittredge said...

Haley, I like that outfit- it looks good on you. It brings out the colour of your eyes.

Although it looks like it would be hard to play in. :)

Thanks for your comment on my pictures on my blog!


ag_haley said...

Kit, I'm not sure my mom intended for me to do any 'playing' in that outfit ;-) It's tight enough as it is. I think I need to go on a diet. It's not really my taste, anyway.
Abby, sometimes wearing glasses isn't fun, you get called names like "Four Eyes" and "geek" and "nerd." But I feel lost without my glasses, really I do.