Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nicki vs. Meredith

Remember in a previous post I said there were a lot of new faces around here? Well there was one more I forgot to mention.
Last spring before Nicki returned to Colorado after visiting for Easter, she gave this blind girl named Veronica her service dog, Sprocket. Turns out the story didn't end there. Apparently Nicki and Veronica have been chatting with each other online and emailing each other ever since that first meeting, and have become pals. So when Nicki came back, she saw Veronica again and Veronica was using Sprocket as her seeing-eye dog.
Now Veronica is attending Adams as a sixth-grader. And Sprocket is walking the halls of the school alongside his new mistress.
So I was on my way to go interview Antoinette the other day when I saw Nicki with her arm around Veronica and I heard her raise her voice in the direction of someone with blond hair. I peeped to see what was going on, and sure enough, Meredith was on the scene.
"You know," Meredith had said, "dogs aren't allowed on campus. Especially not smelly, stinky mutts like that one. Ewww!"
"He's a service dog," Nicki had attempted to explain. "He's a seeing-eye dog."
Meredith made a face. "Ewww! I'm still reporting you to the principal. Dogs shouldn't be on the campus, period. And neither should blind bats like you!"
"It's not her fault she has problems with her eyes!" I heard Nicki shout. And Nicki, you should know, NEVER raises her voice, so she had to be really upset. "And the dog is with her to be her 'eyes' so to speak."
Meredith flicked her hair. "She doesn't need a dog to see!" Then she paused a bit. "You know, you haven't changed a bit, Nicki Fleming! You're such a goody two shoes."
Nicki shook her head and sighed. "You're the one who hasn't changed, Meredith Hopkins. You're still the same selfish person I knew last year. If anything you're worse now."
"You don't even go to school here," Meredith shot back, "so shut up! You're not even supposed to be here. And as for the dog, I'm still telling the principal. Get that smelly thing out of here!"
What a twit. Here goes another fun-filled year of that snob. And I hope this attitude doesn't rub off on Antoinette. So far it doesn't seem to have, yet, but it's early. And I'm also hoping Antoinette finds out what kind of person she is before it's too late.


Bella said...

OMG! Meredith is so mean! Sprocket is cute.♥

Sophie Amélie said...

Aww, it's great that Nicki and Veronica have become such good pals. :)

As for Meredith, won't she be surprised when she goes to the principal about the dog and then realizes that the principal already knows about the dog and Veronica! Actually, it'd be funny if the principal makes Meredith get to know Veronica and be sort of a navigation buddy. Visually handicapped students usually have the help of another student or two...and it'd just be funny if the principal appointed Meredith as that student in order to help teach her a lesson.


Emily and Spencer said...

Hey Haley! It's me, Spencer,
Wow. I'm numb! How could Merideth do that? Call Sprocket-a dog who has worked hard to learn how to be an eye dog-a mutt? I'm so sad for Nicki and I can imagine how she feels, and Veronica of course! At least you won't get in trouble for having Sprocket at school because of what he does!

Cali Hazelwood said...

Meredith is so MEAN!!! I feel so bad for Veronica- getting teased is not fun. But she won't get in trouble for having the dog at least because he's a seeing-eye dog.

Good luck with Antoinette!

Cali*** :-)

Savannah + 4 American girl dolls said...

Meredith might need to be reported to the principal.