Thursday, August 20, 2009

Antoinette Boucher, Fashion Queen

If I needed more evidence that Antoinette Boucher is THE sharpest dresser in my grade, maybe the entire school, I got it today. She's definitely showing a lot of guts wearing this outfit, even though it's very pink and very girly. I've said more than once in this space that I'm not that big a fan of pink, even though there's a lot of it in my closet.

She says it's from Madame Alexander's new Friends 4 Life line, and she paired it with the hat from AG's 2-in-1 set they made for Mia last year, a beret she borrowed from (gasp) Meredith!
Speaking of which, I do think this whole thing with me, Antoinette, and Meredith is gonna eventually come to blows, and I don't know how it's gonna shake out, but somebody will feel some serious pain. I feel like I'm gonna eventually have to tell her what Meredith has done, because I don't want Meredith to do the same thing to her, and I know she will, because that's what she does to people.

So, Harriet, Antoinette, and I were on our way to gym class when I teased her that she should've worn that outfit tomorrow because there's supposed to be this big back-to-school assembly. She laughed and said "I didn't know" in an innocent French. All these new outfits are making me feel bad. I haven't had time to go shopping for new clothes, and both Harriet and Antoinette have new outfits, lol.


Maura Kathryn said...

Ooh, that is a cute outfit. I think I like the skirt best of all, and like you, I'm not the biggest fan of pink. I think you can tell what my favorite color is by just glancing at my blog. ;)

And, maybe it's not new, but I really like your outfit, Haley. The leggings are cute. I wish I had more of those in my closet.


Haley said...

Hi Maura!
Yeah, I'm more of a casual dresser, myself. My favorite outfit is actually my Ready-for-Fun. The only time I'd actually wear something like Antoinette or Meredith wear is for dressy occasions, although like you I DO love her skirt. She's French so I can excuse her for being, er, adventurous with fashion. :)


14OldFashionDolls said...

Hey! Marie is very adorable in that outfit. And you are too, as always! =)

Thanks for comment on the dress. Lexi, my doll's human, is writing.
I actually have never been taught. I learned from reading books. I never knew how to even thread a machine until October when my mom squeaked by with what little knowledge she had and made my Halloween outfit. Very simple but lovely.

In march I got out the machine from the closet, pulled out sewing books, and took off on my own. Seriously, my modo is "rip'n sew"
After a few simple sleeveless dresses, (as you can see on my doll's blog, which has followed the whole experience)I fumbled, learned, and was able to pull of sleeves. Then I started adding layers of skirts, sizing patterns, and it kinda fell in place.

Wish me, luck i am entering the felicity Gown in our state fair this weekend!


Cali Hazelwood said...

I like that outfit, Antoinette- you look so cute! Even though your outfit isn't new it is very adorable, too, Haley ;-) I think you should tell Antoinette what Meredith does and how she really acts. Then maybe she'd believe you and stop hanging out with Meredith and borrowing clothes from her like the beret (even though it is extremely cute!). Great post!!!


Emily and Spencer said...

Hi Haley!
Wow, I've been slacking! I need to comment on here more! You're blog is great, but I never post comments. I read every post even.
That's sad about Antoinette and Meredith. I hope Meredith never is cruel to her, but she seems to target alot of people. As for Antoinette's clothes, cute! Mia and Kit would hate it, but Ella and Emmie would love it! I don't know if I would. It's not that historical....Love your blog!

Avery V. said...

Antoinette looks so pretty! I love her outfit. You and Harriet look great too!
I hope that Antoinette realizes how, I don't know how else to put it, evil Meredith is!