Thursday, March 5, 2009

What About Your Friends? Part Deux

"How'd it go?" Harriet and Hilary asked in singsong voices.
I shrugged. "It didn't go at all. Kristy still won't talk to me."
"Haley," Hilary said, "you did the right thing. I would have done the same."
"It's been a week and she's still upset," I said.
Harriet offered to talk to Kristy for me, but I wasn't sure what would come of it. As it is, she's spending a lot of time lately with her new BFF, Alison McCann. I know her from the paper. Ali's forgotten more sports trivia than I ever knew.

Anyway, I tried to listen in as Harriet tried to talk to Kristy. Kristy was, in Harriet's words, "just being stubborn." The situation was hopeless, and I thought I'd never get through to her. I had to admit, it was a huge setback in my attempt to be friends with her.
Just then, though, Meredith and her gang came up to me again, and again they asked me to do their homework for them. When I kept telling them 'no,' they kept on asking. And then I heard someone's voice: "Leave her alone."

I looked up. It was Kristy!
"She ain't gotta do YOUR homework for you!"
"Hey, you don't want me to slam you in your locker, do you?" Meredith asked.
Kristy stared her down. "As if YOU can slam anyone in a locker. You'd be too afraid to even break a nail!"
"You wanna play tough?" Meredith asked. Before I could blink, Kristy had pushed her beside a wall.
If there's anybody that hates Meredith Hopkins more than I do, it's probably Kristy. After all, Kristy says, ever since she came back after having moved away, Meredith has made her life miserable. Kristy says Meredith, passing by with her family in their fancy car, spotted her at her favorite fishing hole, took pictures, and circulated it all around the school, yet to this day Meredith denies ever doing it.


Sophie said...

Way to go, Kristy!! You tell her! :)

Haley said...

I was surprised, myself, when she did that. All of a sudden there was a little bit of hope for our friendship.

Karen said...

I've never had to deal with anybody like Meredith, except in my stories. But then, they're just characters in a story, not real, like Meredith is.
Go Kristy!

Wendy said...

Meredith just keeps getting worse. I hope you and Kristy are on the road to working things out!