Sunday, March 22, 2009


It's been awhile since I've been able to put up a post pretty much about nothing, but here it is. A post that really is about nothing.
Today really felt like spring, and it was so warm that I put on shorts. Not just any shorts though. They were the shorts and tank top my cousin Nicki left behind here when she went back to Colorado. I'm not really a pink person, Nicki is, but the outfit is verry comfy. Oh well. She's not getting them back ;-)
Since it was a pretty good, warm day, I took a walk around my neighborhood. I wish I had my bike here but, oh well. Walking's good anyway. The signs of spring are everywhere. People are outside cutting their lawns, kids are outside playing, and flowers are blooming. I don't know everyone here, but for the most part people I passed by said hi to me.
One bad thing (for me, anyway) that comes with spring are the allergies. I'm practically allergic to everything that lives, so a lot of the time when I'm outside I'm sneezing like crazy.
BTW, tomorrow night is Open House, and not only do I think I'll fall flat on my face as soon as I get to the front door, but the heels are so tight I may not even keep them on.

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Wendy said...

You gotta love those nice Spring days. It's getting warm here too, but the weather is so weird... it'll be nice and sunny in the afternoon and windy and nasty an hour later.