Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Mean Girls

I know you guys are tired of me talking about the mean girls in my class, but I think since you've seen them so much you need to know who they are.
On the left is Sasha Moore. She's biracial. Her mom is black and her dad is white, and they're both lawyers. They live next door to Meredith, in the swanky River Forest neighborhood. I hear Sasha is a very good singer, but I've never heard her.
Next, and the worst, is the famous Meredith Hopkins. She's pretty much an eleven-year-old Barbie doll, with the blondest hair I've ever seen. Sometimes I wonder if she dyes her hair, since she has brown eyebrows. Hmmm. Anyway, she's from Florida, and where she was, she did some modeling, beauty pageants, and local TV commercials. I hear she's got designs on a showbiz career.
The third girl is Marisa Perez. Marisa's family came over from Cuba when she was little. Her dad is now a doctor in our town. I hear Jennifer Lopez is her idol.
Not in this pic is Natasha Ivanova. She's from Russia and I hear her parents are some kind of diplomats or something. She's short with wavy auburn hair. The only thing saving her height sometimes, I think, is the way she teases her bangs up in the air. Otherwise, she's a midget.
Also not pictured, there was a fifth girl, Madisyn Baker, also a blue-eyed blond, but her parents took her out of Adams after that big fight with Kristy. I don't like her very much either, and I suspect she egged Kristy on to hit her, and Kristy being Kristy took the bait.
These girls talk alike, dress alike, wear each others' clothes (mostly I've seen Marisa, Madisyn, and Natasha wear Meredith's clothes) and when they walk down the hall they look like they're joined at the hip. Harriet calls them the 'copycat girls.'


Sophie said...


I know these girls are mean to you, but seriously, calling Natasha a midget is pretty mean. She can't help being short at all, and frankly, sometimes I wonder about her being mean at all. I'm thinking that Natasha and the others are only mean because they want to be on Meredith's good side. If they aren't mean to others, Meredith will pick on *them.*

I'm really sensitive about my height and calling anyone--even someone who is mean--a midget makes you no better than the rest.

Haley said...

I'm not going to say I'm perfect by any means, and I've done and said things I probably shouldn't have (I tend to have a big mouth) but Natasha is quite petite at least in relation to the rest of us (I can't say I'm particularly tall myself) and I couldn't think of another word off the cuff to express that. Besides, I don't know if Natasha will ever see this entry. :)


Wendy said...

I have blond hair and brown eyebrows too. It's all natural, lol. I hope as I get older my hair will get darker.

I bet Sophie is right though. Those girls are probably only mean to stay on Meredith's good side. It's just like in the movie Mean Girls when she says "it's better to be in the Plastics hating life than to not be in at all." I'm not sure I agree with that statement myself, but I bet that's part of what's going on.

Avery V. said...

They are such jerks! They probably aren't very secure with themselves, but it still doesn't give them a right to be mean.

I'm in Natasha's boat. I'm have a serious case of dwarfism, only 18 inches tall!!!! :P


Anonymous said...

Haley, you have a right to call them mean! JK. You need to think WWJD.