Monday, March 2, 2009

My First Solo Assignment

The other day at school, I had to turn in a report on the President's speech to Congress. I had to give a bullet list of the main points of his speech. Which was something I didn't mind doing, except I couldn't figure out really what he was saying.
As I told you before, last fall, at the request of my English teacher, I joined the newspaper staff. With my duties as class president I've been very busy with that, so I kinda neglected the newspaper. Then my teacher gave me an assignment. I had to go cover the tryouts for the gymnastics team. Sports aren't my thing, so I groaned at this assignment.

When I got there, there was a girl with a purple jacket and a whole lot of red curls that came up to meet me. "Hi, I'm Bridget O'Shaughnessy," she said. "I'm the captain of the gymnastics team."
"Haley Hotchkiss from the Adams Gazette." She extended her hand, and seemed like she was going to squeeze my fingers off.

For an American Girl, Bridget was incredibly tall and thin. I couldn't believe it. While I scrambled to find a seat, Bridget led the girls through some exercises. I recognized a few familiar faces -- Mia St. Clair, Marisa Perez, and Natasha Ivanova among them -- and wondered openly why they would spend their time tumbling on a mat and doing somersaults and trying to walk on a plank only a few inches wide.
Bridget spent pretty much the entire hour screaming at Mia, saying she needed to lose weight and train harder.

When the session ended, I asked Mia openly why she was going through with it. "As a figure skater," she said, "I needed a sport to keep myself in shape during the summer months, and since gymnastics is mostly flexibility and strength training, it works." I have to admit, I admire her dedication. She is determined to make the 2014 Olympics. I have no doubt she'll get there.

After I'd finished my homework, I spent the rest of my evening trying to write this article. I knew the basics of newswriting, but actually doing it is quite another thing. My thoughts are, should I do this by talking about Bridget? Or do it by profiling the girls trying out for the gymnastics team? How does Megan do this? I wonder.
I've thought myself about becoming a traveling doll, but Vee says if it happens at all it won't be until the summer months and then it would be limited to maybe one or two locations every couple of weeks. And I absolutely would have to return home by time school starts up again. Sucks, but them's the rules.
Speaking of school, I haven't really decided where I'm going to school next fall. Believe it or not, returning to Adams has crossed my mind, a thought that was unthinkable just a few weeks ago. I'm class president and writing for the school paper and yearbook. Then there's the thought of leaving my friends. Yes, I said it. Leaving my friends. I never thought in a million years I'd have a best friend but I do. Even back home I had problems making friends because I'm smart.
I have, however, been considering a couple private schools -- Hanover Academy (an all-girl boarding school for grades 7-12) and Parkview Ladies' College in Virginia. But going to a private school means I'd have to make the 'new girl' adjustment all over again. And who knows how it's going to go this time around.


Sophie said...

Ooh, you should totally enroll at PLC. It's not as exciting as your school, but it works for me.

Funny you should mention Hanover Academy as well--that's not too far away from us.

But are you really wanting to switch schools? I don't think Harriet would like that very much.

Haley said...

Hi Sophie!
Been looking at PLC since about October. And the Hanover Academy I've been looking into is in Louisiana. :P
I tossed around the idea of switching schools for awhile now, with all the teasing, etc, going on. But the fact that it's crossing my mind to remain at Adams next year reflects somewhat of a change in my situation -- in no small part because of Harriet.

Wendy said...

The people who tell young girls things like that ("you need to lose weight and train harder") to young girls are the reason I don't care for organized sports.

Anyways... I can't say I think you'd enjoy moving to a new school. Harriet seems like a cool friend... not every school has a girl like that. =) Plus... leaving would probably give Meredith and her girls more satisfaction than they deserve.

♥Rose♥ said...

My friend's and my school is called American Girl Academy, often shortened to AGA. Its kind of a lame name, but whatever. It's an all girls boarding school. It goes from grades 6-12. Unfortunately, we have to wear uniforms. But its pretty fun! I share a dorm with Nellie, Luna & Mia.
Anyhow, good luck with finding a school!