Saturday, December 3, 2011

Family Ties

Since the holiday season is about celebrating families, every student at Adams Middle School has been given an assignment. We're to research our family histories. The project is due the week we go home for Christmas break, and some of the best essays will be read aloud at the annual Christmas pageant this year.

My problem is, I have no clue how to even begin.

I know from earlier research that the name Hotchkiss is English and Scottish, and that my father, Donald Leroy Hotchkiss, comes from a long line of Pennsylvania Quakers. There is this one site,, but it doesn't tell me very much. Also, I don't know much about my mother's family. My mother, Jillian McCaughey Hotchkiss, is not very open about her heritage. My mother and my cousin Nicki's mother are twin sisters. Identical twin sisters -- in looks only. Personality wise they could not have been more different. Sometimes -- and I hate saying this -- I wish Aunt Joan was my mother.


The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

That would be an impossible assignment for any of us girls. We are all adopted into our house and do not know who our families are. But it really sounds like a fun assignment.

We are glad to have you back.


Sabine Bouchard said...

I'm with you...I wish I had a different mother, too. My mom is so strict and demanding. It's somewhat awful...