Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More from InnerstarU

At InnerstarU you can decorate your room in 4 different styles. This is the one I chose for virtual Haley.

Here I am in the 5-Points Plaza with a few friends. All of these virtual girlies are AGPT members.

This is my usual spot, at the Starlight Library help-desk. I actually managed to reach level 20 in this, lol.


Sophie Amélie said...

LOL, that AGPT meet-up is so funny! I suspect that by the time one of my classmates gets online, everyone on AGPT will be tired of Innerstar U.

Thanks for sharing the screencaps!


Kirsten L. said...

Like Susie said in your last entry, we'll be sure to have the new girl friend you and we'll tell you who she is once she's signed up. I think you're visiting us in a couple months, so you'll be able to meet her-and us-then :)

Meet-ups with other AGPT members, on Innerstar U look neat. I like your outfit you're wearing on the game.

Susie said...
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Susie said...

Missy and Grandlinda both got their new dolls today. Missy's doll is Tessa12 on I.U. Grandlinda's new doll will sign up tomorrow, so we'll have her Sam leave you a comment.

Lillian McGriffyn said...

If you want to be my friend on InnerstarU, my name is Piper32!