Monday, July 19, 2010


Hi everybody, I'm live from gorgeous upstate New York, where I'm having a blast with my 'twin sister' Robyn Pickering and her family & friends. I can't believe how much we look alike, even down to the glasses. BTW, I think her brother Bobby is cute but don't tell her I said that. hehe
Anyway, been playing around with that InnerstarU thing on If you see me there, I'm Haley6 and I look like this:

Pretty good likeness, eh? lol
Anyway, I reached level 11 on the helpdesk thingy, I'm there, like, all the time. I'm such a geek, even in animated form.
Anybody else signed up or plan to sign up?

Oh, before I go, I saw some really cute things on the AG site... like the new Pretty Plaid outfit, which I love but Harriet loves it more, methinks...and the Real Me outfit, and then there's the Innerstar gear.

It's 48 bucks, Vee has said she can't spring it now, especially since I'm out traveling.
Oh, btw, Linds emailed me and told me that real Innerstar Magnet Academy reps (I think it was Shelby and Amber) showed up at my school last week. They've even reserved a spot for me when I return home. I'm torn.
The IMA schools are a system of AG-related boarding schools based on the InnerstarU concept, and they've sprung up all over the country.


Sophie Amélie said...

Nice likeness, haha. ;)
Yeah, I don't think I'm going to get involved in Innerstar U. I think I'd much rather stay out traveling! It's great fun visiting different houses, meeting penpals, and finding "twins," isn't it?

I'm sure one of my classmates will be getting into Innerstar U eventually. Some of them are quite the computer geeks. Too bad Lindsey probably can't find a likeness - she's the biggest computer geek of them all!


Haley Hotchkiss said...

Hehe, yeah except the braces, which my optometrist says I need, lol.

I'm only figuring IU to be something do do if I can't go outside. It was Linds' suggestion anyway, since she'd told me the reps visited my school back at home.

Good luck with Linds finding a likeness! Let me know if she gets on.

Haley :D

Sabine Bouchard said...

IU sounds neat...I'd love a likeness on there, but I bet my name isn't even on the approved list, lol. Most likely, Ava will get one.
I'm glad you're out traveling again- it sounds like you love it and are having a great time.

Haley Hotchkiss said...

Haha Sabine... I actually think yours was there, lol. The list is fairly extensive. Vee's name is on there and hers isn't very common, either.

Vee is talking about getting two more codes, which one of us will get them... not sure.

I like traveling but it can be exhausting sometimes. I'm learning so much!

Haley :D

Cali Hazelwood said...

Your avatar looks just like you, Haley! I like your virtual braids. :0)
None of us at Crazy for Cali have an IU account yet but Sunny could possibly be getting a MyAG for Christmas. Until then, though, we won't be on that. :)
Hope you're having fun with Robyn and Bobby, lol!


Susie said...

That is a good likeness of you. None of us current AGs are going to be part of Innerstar U b/c Missy is planning on getting a My Ag on Sunday. She was all set to get #19 (Brooke) and #31 (Tessa) later on but Jess is trying to convince her to "only" get one of them-Tessa. Between the two, I think a lot of us would like Tessa to join us more (though Brooke sounds nice, too-perhaps she could be Tessa's friend from back home). I think Missy will get Tessa; I'm so sure I'm about to make a Welcome Tessa banner ;) Either way, though, we'll let you know so you can friend her when she's on Innerstar U.

Glad you're having fun in NY! Joan is Molly J.'s mom, so they stay in touch :)

Nellie said...

Did you know that you actually don't have to buy a My AG to get on Innerstar U? It's true! The fastest way to get it is to go to Doll Diaries, read the comments on the second post down, then come to a link. The link will get you to a page with a special offer for a starter kit. Order it, then you're on! This is how my friend, Michelle, got on Innerstar U. She's Michelle2.