Sunday, July 11, 2010

Haley in New York State

Haley's now arrived in New York State and her host has posted a brief album, more is on the way. BTW I'm very jealous, she looks like she's having a blast...
Click on the pic for more!

Later, Linds


Avery Voisin said...

Haley looks like she's having a great time! :D I hope she enjoys traveling. Nice pictures.

Claire said...

I was wondering if Haley could come visit me.I am currently saving for this doll and i would love to see her before I purchase her. Thanks!


Sophie Amélie said...

Yeah, that album was really cute! :) Haley looks like she is having fun playing twins with Robyn - these two look even more alike than Haley and Cousin Nicki! ;)