Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Au Revoir, Antoinette... Hello, Natalie???

Hi everybody, this is my first post of 2010! Happy New Year!
I returned to town the day after New Year's after being in Colorado with my cousin Nicki for 2 weeks. Thing is, I thought I was leaving cold weather when I left there... and it's cold here too. Unusually cold, Vee says.
Over Christmas break, Antoinette returned to her hometown of Nice, France, as her stay at Adams for the semester is history. Gosh it went so fast. We did exchange email and IM addresses before she left so we'll keep in touch that way. And she turned in a final article for the newspaper, which was essentially a goodbye letter for the 7th grade and the school. It'll come out in this week's edition.
Meanwhile, while we're saying goodbye to Antoinette, we're saying hello to...

Her name's Natalie Noelle Spencer. She moved to town just before Christmas but decided to start school after the holiday.
When I walked in this morning (our 1st day back), Natalie was in the gym looking for the principal's office.

I hadn't recognized her, so I asked her if she was lost, and she said she was looking for the principal's office.
"Are you new here?" I asked.
"Yeah, I am."

While we were walking, Meredith and a couple of her little followers pointed at us and started laughing. I found out that Natalie had moved here from Ohio, that she was going to try out for the gymnastics team, and that she loved photography. "Good," I suggested, "the newspaper could use another photographer."


The Life Of Lola! said...

Do you think Natalie could be a friend??? She sounds nice! :)

Sophie Amélie said...

Aww, no more Antoinette? I'll miss seeing her mentioned in your posts.

Natalie is pretty! I hope Meredith doesn't try to manipulate her like she usually tries to do.


Wendy said...

Natalie Noelle, huh? Very Christmas-y. =) She's pretty!