Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More about Natalie

I went into the newspaper office today to check a few things and there was an email from Antoinette, saying she missed us here. And there was something else. She said she liked America so much that she was thinking about applying for Parkington next year. I'm not sure what to think of that one. As it is, she attends a ritzy private school in the French Riviera. Her family is fairly well-off.
While I was doing that, Natalie came into the office and spoke with Megan about the photographer position. Apparently Caelan, the boy who was the newspaper photographer, switched schools and now the position is empty. Megan asked to see Natalie's portfolio, and she said she'll bring it as soon as she can.
Speaking of Natalie, she has 4 classes (not homeroom) with me so I see her a lot. Today in science class I discovered something about her. She has a very noticeable bald spot in the back, and I know why she has it. I saw her pulling her hair. Not the usual habit that a lot of girls have where they run their hands through their hair, either. I mean actually pulling it. She yanked huge clunks of it out, and I saw them fall gently on her lap and on the desk. I'm in a delicate spot because I'm afraid if I say something, I'll lose what I think I'm starting to build with her.
Meanwhile, Meredith has already begun making her life a living hell, too. Just today in the lunch line she yanked on a piece of her hair and said, "How's that feel, eh?"
I told her to stop but Meredith just called me 'queen of the geeks' and told me to shut up.


Avery V. said...

Natalie sounds nice, but that's weird that she pulls her hair. Sometimes people do that when they're stressed. Maybe once she makes a few friends she'll feel better :)
I hope Meredith isn't mean to her. :'(

Cali Hazelwood said...

Meredith is so rude! Natalie seems very nice. I hope you two can become good friends!
It is sorta odd how she pulls out her hair, though. I agree with Avery, maybe it has to do with stress or maybe coming to a new school. I hope she feels better!


~Sabine :) said...

Meredith totally reminds me of an Edwards...ugh! I can't stand when people are rude to others. Natalie seems very nice, and I agree with Cali and Avery- maybe she's pulling her hair because she's nervous? I'm sure that you will become friends with her in no time.
~Sabine B.