Sunday, December 13, 2009

News and notes from Casa Haley

This December has been a busy one here at Casa Haley. The Thanksgiving food drive has turned into a Christmas one, and I'm still the coordinator, so we're still collecting food to give away to needy kids and their families. There's also a Christmas toy drive being run by Kit and the sixth graders.
The Christmas pageant is this coming Friday, and guess who is in charge of it? So you can imagine I've been very, very busy. Meredith has the starring role in the Nutcracker production (I had nothing to do with that one, trust me).

It's been cool and damp around here lately, and Vee has been a bit under the weather. So the other day Harriet and I decided to do the 'bestie' thing and wear matching outfits. I have to tell you, it totally shocked Meredith! "Oh, so the dorks decided to dress alike today," she said when she saw us together.

In six days I leave for Colorado to visit my cousin Nicki. If what I've seen on the news from there is any indication, I'll be snowed in for most of the time I'm there.

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Sophie Amélie said...

I hope Vee feels better - you and Harriet should do something to cheer her up! :)

So...Meredith dances? I hope her performance goes well - even if she can be mean. I just really like The Nutcracker. :)

Have fun in Colorado! Even if you're snowed in, I'm sure you must be anxious to see Nicki again.