Friday, February 20, 2009

Not-So-Peppy Pep Rally

Today there was a pep rally because Adams' girls basketball team is playing in the state playoffs. The only reason I was going was because Kristy is on the team. While we were on our way to the gym, I ran into you-know-who, dressed in her cheerleader uniform and her hair in two ponytails. "Well if it isn't Little Miss Four Eyes and her Band of Losers."
I took a deep breath. "That's not nice, Meredith."
Flinging a pom-pom in my face, she turned around, flounced her skirt, and left.
When we finally got to the gym, we took our usual seats in our usual section, wishing the whole thing would be over. Meredith's voice was the loudest as usual as she shook her pom-poms.
"Gimme an A, gimme a D, gimme an A, gimme an M, gimme an S, what that spell? ADAMS, what that spell, ADAMS, what that spell, ADAMS..."

I forced myself to cheer, but I really wanted to be someplace else instead of staring at her waving pom-poms and screaming really loud. I actually don't see what's so fun and cool about being a cheerleader. All they do is run around in short skirts and scream real loud. At least the ones at my school do. Oh, and they treat those who aren't cheerleaders like they don't exist.


Wendy said...

Cheerleaders aren't so cool. My older sister Sarah is a cheerleader and she's definitely not all that. Meredith is so lame. Kinda like Sarah.

~Sabine :) said...

Ugh. Meredith. She sounds pure evil...maybe she should join the Edwards?
Does Meredith think that cheerleading's life? All the Edwards girls think that about DANCELINE!!!
Ugh...I hate snobs...