Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Busy, busy

Avery's latest blog entry got me to thinking -- about my own schedule. By all accounts I've got a pretty full life.
My school classes first -- I have math first period with Mr. Herbert. You'd think starting off the day with fractions and decimals and basic algebra would frighten me, but as tough as math is, I'm glad I get it out of the way early, it wakes up my brain. He's this old gray-haired guy with thick glasses who's fond of grading us on the highest curve possible. All things considered I'm lucky to be getting a B in his class.
2nd period is spelling, right next door. I'm actually pretty good in spelling, I must admit. My teacher is Ms. Joyce. She says what she means and means what she says.
Third period is reading with Mr. Glenn. He's a young guy, looks like he should still be in school himself, and half the girls have a crush on him.
Fourth period is English with Mrs. Baldwin. She's also in charge of the yearbook and the newspaper, so I see her a lot.
Lunch and recess follow, and fifth period is social studies/history. I have to admit it's my favorite class. And it's not just because I got extra credit in it for my successful campaign for the class presidency. It's because I feel like I learn so much in there.
Sixth period is science with Ms. Evans. She's a hard one to figure out. It doesn't help that science is among my least favorite subjects.
Seventh period is physical education with Ms. Riley. I try with this one, really I do.
Last period is study hall, but honors students have the option of taking French. I'm now taking French classes, and I have to say I'm enjoying them very much. Not that I can speak the language as well as Sophie or Avery, but oh well. D'accord.
After school there's newspaper staff, yearbook staff, student council, plus I tutor some days after school. Many days I don't get home until 7 or 8 at night, and then after that it's homework. I have a strict bedtime of 10 p.m, except on weekends.
Sometimes I wonder if I've given myself too many things to do. But the fact is, if I don't give myself things to do I get bored very easily.

So, today, after I was done tutoring I went over to the gym, where the dance committee was meeting. As of now the dance committee consists of myself, Hilary Lang, Mia St. Clair, and (unfortunately) Meredith Hopkins. And Meredith, as usual, showed up late. But this time she came with a new copycat, a girl named Marisa Perez, who was dressed head to toe exactly like her. "You're late," I said.
"So?" Meredith asked.
"We started talking about the dance ten minutes ago."
"What do I care?" asked Meredith. "I told you I wasn't going to your stupid little dance."
"Then why did you sign up for the dance committee?" I asked her.
"I didn't sign up for that."
I got out my signup sheets and showed her where her name appeared, just below Mia's. "I didn't write that."
"I don't care who wrote it," I said, "what matters is that you signed up, and I expect you to show up to all meetings on time."

Meredith was all in a huff, but she disappeared up the bleachers, with Marisa following her. I tried not to get upset about the whole thing, but every time I thought about it, I fought back tears. Come on, Haley, you're the class president, you can't let her get to you, I was telling myself. I was getting ready to wipe my eyes when I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I looked back with some shock when I found it was Mia. She didn't say anything, but the fact that she did that let me know she had my back.

While that was happening, though, Meredith was forcing Hilary to give up her seat on the top bleacher so that she and Marisa could sit there. "This is my seat," she yelled, startling both Mia and me.
"I don't see anyone's name on it," Hilary said.
"You know every time we have a meeting I always sit on this top bleacher." Then I heard Marisa kind of correct Meredith, telling her Hilary's new. Hilary got up anyway, though, and Meredith and Marisa took their seats on the top bleachers. After the meeting I passed both Mia and Hilary invitations to Harriet's party.


Avery V. said...

Wow, you're busy too!

Meredith and her friends are such jerks! Don't listen to them, they're no good, evil, rotten, and a few other words I don't think I should say.

Wouldn't it just be horrible if Meredith found out about your blog and saw you calling her and her friends minions, and the mean bees? Now that would be BAD! I don't know why I thought of that though!

And thanks for following me blog! I'd follow yours, but I don't know how :P

Haley said...

Hi Avery,
Yes I have thought about that. Vee and I talked about it the other day. And my answer to that is, so what? It's my blog and I write whatever I want to on it. I don't care what she says. ;-)


Wendy said...

Oh, I'd hate to have to spend so much time with that Meredith. She's sad and mean spirited, and her friends are beyond pathetic for idolizing her so.

I think it might be a good thing if Miss Meredith saw your blog. And as a bonus, you know everyone who reads this is on your side. =)